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- Albion's new hotel has reached the lird story. - Thomas Gains purchased the Xües Voolea works at Sheriff1 sale. - Hannah Carter of Adriau, charged with adultery, has been surrendered by mr bondamen and is uow in jail. - Mrs. Christian Mench, aged 70, living at Pulaski, Jaokson county, was found dotid in her yard one day last week. - Únele David Hinith of Home, aged 93, received for a Christmas present, a pension certifícate as a soldier of the war of 1812. - An Adiian supervisor oharged for 14 days' service in assessing the liquor tax on two saloons. He must have beeu " sampling for gradiug. " - Doutoring the poor in laabella oounty, and the prisoners iu the jail in Jackson county, U being let out to the lowest bidder. That will secure firstclass attendance and abundance of medicines - of oourse. It is said Conkling is withholding hii wrath toward the admiuistration until after his re-election to thu Senate. We would be willing to arise early upon a frosty morning to obtain an inside view of the distinguished senator's opinión of Prei. Hayei. For the fírst time in the history of the Bepublican party, Maino has a Democratie Governor, brought about by fusion of Demócrata and Greenbackerg.


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