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The One-price King Clothier

The One-price King Clothier image The One-price King Clothier image
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MABKEITBOWH AT LITTLE MACK'S ! We have reduced the prices of our entire stock of READY-MADECLOTHING, Hats, Caps, and FURNISHING GOODS. We do not propose to wait until after the Holidays, WE DO IT NOW I Öf COME AND SEE US. The largest stock in this section of the State to select from. Everything marked in plain figures. No. 9 Soutli Main Street, Ann Arbor. - Milán had a daily mail over the T. and A. A. road beginning Jan. lst. - Annual election of officers of Woman'g Christian Temperance Union of , Saline, to-morrow. - The Peninsular Paper Co. are buying wood at the rate of 100 oords per day. The price varíes from % to f3. -On Saturday, January 25, 1879, will be held a regular meeting of the Washtenaw County l'omological Society. The subject for discussion ia : "The Apple, and Will it pay f - The Ypsilanti Commercial aays : Notwithstanding the alleged hard times, tases have been paid more promptly this year than usual. The total amount oollected thus far is $18,158.68. - By the appointment by the town board of Saline of Jacob Sturm, Supervisor, to fill unexpired term of Krarett B. Clark, county olerk, the Deinoornts hare a majority of one in the Board of Supervisors. - Rev. Q. M. Adams, pastor of the Baptist Oburch, was presentad by Mr. John Oordan, a few days ago, with fourteen or fifteen busheU of oats, for services perforrued at the funeral of Mr Oordan'a wife, who died some time in dard. ■ere elected suing term io. 197, of Afilan, i. j. u. L.: Amos G. Mclntyre, N. G.; Joseph H. Fish, V. G.; Alex Smith, Cor. Sec; Edgar W. Mead, Fin. Sec; W. S. Wallaoe, Treas.; N. Taylor, Rep. to Grand Lodge. -The following ofiBcers were oleoted by Ilaisin Kiver Lodge of Manchester, No. 27, I. O. O. F., at their last meeting for the ensuing term : N. G., Dr. A. Conklin ; V. O., Mat D. Blosser ; Beo. Seoy., W. H. Van Horn ; P. Secy., G. W. Doty ; Treas., W. S. Stowell ; Representativa tó Grand Lodge, Mat D. Blosser. - Chri8tmas eve Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Warren, of Saline, left their house for a neighborly cali, and when they returned they found a nice new bruseele carpet on the parlor floor, and in a corner of the room was a aplaudid Ulough & Warren organ. The pregents were made by Mrs. C. Parsons and Mrs. B. Jaokson of Saline. - Manchester Lodge A. O. U. W. elected the following oflicors last week : P. M. W., M. D. Case ; M. W., J. L. Stone; Foreraan, B. G. Lovejoy; Recorder, Ed. E. Root ; Financier, H. J. Kingsley ; Reoeiver, N. Schmid ; I. S. W., Geo. Nisle; O. S. W., H. L. Rose; Representativo to Grand Lodge, J. L. Btone ; Trustee, H. Kirchhofer. - The Manchester Cornet Band are are again under the leadership of Clarence W. Case. John F. Nestell is Treasurer and Secretary. They are getting up a new uniform, which for style and quality of gooda will far surpass their present outfit. They will also have new white leather belts. The ooats have atrived, but will nut be used until the whole uniform is 'complete. Success to them. - Enterprise. - Saline has three dry gouds stores, four groceries, two drug store, eren blackgmith shops, two meat markets, six dootors, five saloons, two hotels, three flouring milis, three inillinery shops, two saw milis, one planing mili, one foundry, two tin and hardware stores, one undertaker, ten old bachelors, ten old maids (the equality of numeráis ii suggestive in the two last), loads of pretty girls, nine hundred cats, and uulimited finanoial faith. - Standard. - Between two aud three hundred citizen, headed by the village oornet band, prooeeded to the depot New Year's day to weloome Munsoii Goodyear, Esq., to his home in Manchester, aOcoinpanied by his bride whom he found in Jackson. On the way to his residence the band played "Come where my love lies dreaming." A silver 10etet was presented by friends. In the erening the happy couple gave a reception which was largely attended. - John Q. Frank is President, and John George Ehnis, Seoretary of A. O. U. W. of Saline. The superior alleges the inferior officer to have embezzled funds of the organization to the amount of $3.50 for his private use. Pre. Frank lodged complaint before Justice Grauger, who issued a warrant for the arrest of Ehnis. On Monday Sheriff Case invited him to sojourn at Ann Arbor, and of course the invitation was duly respected. Case adjourned to Fob. 4. - A fire broke out in the residonoe of Wal ter and Horace Brass. iust outside villago limita of Dexter, on Saturday morning oarly. Fire consumad the dwelling estimated worth $4,000, including furniture, very little of whieh was saved. Both furniture and house were well insured. A few suoh fires ought to admonish the oitizens of our sister village of the necessity of organization of companies to battle the tiery element, and not let it have its own way, almost wholly. -On Thursday last the Marshal arrested A. Holt and F. and A. Hubbard on suspicione of having stolen a load of wheat from Mr. O. Holmes, Sr. The wheat and a qumtity of other stolen property wai recovered. Five skins that once covered Mr. Whalen's sheep were aniong the prpperty seized. The "wheat dealers" haye been locked up to await examination, which will take place today. Ther is a gang of these thieves and the Marshal thinks that he has at last got hold of theni. - Tptüanti Commercial. - Deputy Sheriff D. W. Thompson of Ypsilanti brought to this city Anson Holt on Monday, and lodged him in hotel de Case. Holt is implioated with Arthur and Fred Hubbard, who were similarly treated on Saturday. The trio are charged with stealing wheat from Murray Holmes, residing a mile or o bei nd the limits of our neighboring city, . ill as property from James Whalen. Buffalo robes, sheep pelts, bags, robes, bobs. anJ other artioles of minor charanter were found in Holt's and Hubbard's dwellinirs. Each are held in $1,000 bail, and are waiting for friends to couieforward and evince their fiiendhip by entering upon their bonds, to PP" for trial when wanted. - Sinco the Council passed the "House of Correotion" bill the Leader says Dexter has hd no trampa to provide for. - The Rev. J. M. Richmond, pastorof the Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti, has within a few weeks lost two ohildren by scarlet fever. - Ball given by Fire Department in Ypsilanti Friday evening of laat week was a succes. 111 tickets were sold, the Minnis orchestra of Auu Arbor furnishing musio. About twenty couples from this city attended. - The expense of caring for thia county's insano at state asylum in Pontiac il nearly $12,000 per annum. (Jounty Treasurer Fairchild forwarded a draft on Monday of $2,957.54 to balance the quarter endine with 1878. - The Michigan Central has dona away with comrnutation tickets, an effort to build up a business in this way having proven a failure. Ypsilantians doing busiuess in Detroit are now oharged $22 per quarter agaiast $10 heretofora. ü - An incipient fíre in the boot and shoe store of Martin & Bickford of Ypsilanti Friday inorning oaused by an ovei-heated stove-pipe, was the ineans of about $25 loss to the building, which is the profierty of Samuel Post, United States Pension Agent at Detroit. - From a pamphlet copy of prooeedings of state convention of Good Templare, held in Lansing last autumn, we observe there are five lodges of I. O. G. T. in Washtenaw County locatedat the following points: Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Manchester, Stony Creek and Bawsonville. - For the coiuplinientary notioes of our cotemporaiies, both in and out of the couuty, the frateruity have placed U8 under many obligations. It sball be our aiiu in the conduct of the ARGUS, to merit the commendations, and to avoid everything that may teud to mar a felioitous inlercourse with brethren of the quill. - Offioers have been chosen by Ypsilanti Lodge No. 15, A. O. U. W., as follows: M. W., H. Ii. Scoville; G. F. Martin Cremer ; O., E. Washburn, Jr. O., J. H. Whitney; Recorder, Frank Joslin ; F., J. H. McKinstry; Receiver, William Robbins ; J. W., Warren Whitney ; O. W., A. L. Corey ; Trustee, E. Washburn, Jr. ; Representativa to the Grand Lodge, Hiram Batchelder. - The vacancy in the oaptainship of the Light Guarda of Ypsilanti caused by the removal of Capt. Webb to Wastfield, Mass., has been filled by the oleotion of E. W. Bowen to that offioe. Capt. Bowen will be aided by George W. Noyes and L. O. Haight, First and Seoond Lieutenantg. The expiration of the term of enlistment of the original members has been reached, the niajority pf whom are reuniting with the company. - At a regular meeting of Washtenaw Lodge of Ypsilanti, No. 17. A. Ü. U. W., held Priday, Dec. 27, 1878, the following officers were elected for one year: M W., F. J. Swain. G. F., Geo. E. Oberst. O., 11. Kopp. E., V. B. Havens. Keceiver, Jno. W. Flower, Jr. Financier, Fred. F. Ingram. Guido Eobt. Griffith. I. W., W. Day. O. W., John Mayle. Physioian, C.P. FeUhaw M. D. Trustee, John W. Flower, Jr.


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