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Death Of An Aged Citizen

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The subject of this brief sketch, William Friedrich Osius, was bom in bchleuchttin, in the then Karldom Hanau, Germany, on March 20, 1797. Iu 1814 when the bleeding.downtrodden fatherland called her song to arms either to repulse the in vader or die with the country in the contest for liberty, he, too, was found under arma as a voluutner in Buelow's corps, and was in all the engagements in which his corps fought in that year. In 1815 he fought under Blucher the battles immediately precedding the day of Waterloo, and marching in a dranching rain, deep in mud, during the night from 17-18 June, and all day long, he arrived in time to hear the last guns of that grand contest deciding the fate of Europe for centuries. Under Blucher he saw Paris when that proud city had to knoei before its conqueror, the leader of the allied armiea. In 1825 he emigratedto America, and lived for about flve nionths in Pittsfield, Pa. In Krie, Pa., he lived 6 years, and in Philipsburg, Pa., about 6 months. - He oame to Washtenaw County in 1832 and eettled in town of Freedotn in 1833 where he lived until 1864. During this time he was Justice of the Feace of that town for about twenty years, and its Supervisor about 9 years, terrainating his official career in 1857. In 1864 he moved to this city where lived sometime and finally moved in 1865 to Pittsfield, to his late residence where he closed his weary eyes forever, on Saturday, Jan. 4, 1879. Deceased was initiated into the order of Odd Fellowship on Dec. 3, 1846 and lived true and faithful to the rules and regulationt of this order, and was fiually accompanied by his brethren of Washtenaw and Otseningo lodges to his grave. May the sod rest lightly on his bosom. c. o.