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Attacked By Wolves In Minnesota

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Kcccntly Mr. Miner, of the town of Laiigola, Benton county, was driving Erom his om house to Mr. Morrill's, liaving with him his wife and three hildren, and when near the Jocelyn ichool-house was attacked by five large ;imber-wol ves. The fierce beasts sprung it his horses, and, when Mr. Miner itruck at the nearest one with his whip, t mudo a leap to get to him, but struok tgainst the wagon box. At this moHeñí Mi-. ]í!or's dog bravely itttiu'V.'d this wolf, but was at once set upon by the whole pack, killed, and almost entirely devoured. This gave Mr. Miner an opportunity to whip up his horses and make off, which he did at a full gallop, calling loudly for help. His cries attracted the atteution of Mr. Jocelyn and family, who came to the reseñe, and the wolves were driven off. But for the fortúnate interference of the dog the result might have been much more serious. An attack of this kind by wolves is almost without precedent in this part of the State, and it mustbe that the animáis were driven to it by


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