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The New York World figures up the next House, as follows : Demoerats 14c, Republicana jo'j Nationals kj Tammany 3 Tacancy throuKh death (Twelfth New York) 1 To bc hoseïl in California 4 Total 893 It then proceeds to describe and predict the con test for seats, as follows: Of the Nationals, Messrs. Gillette and Weaver, of Iowa, will act with the Demócrata in organizing the House. Mr. Barlow, of Verrnont, is classed as a Republican, being in reality a bolting Republican, though running as 11 National. The Tammany inembers will act with the Democracy on national issues. Delaware- There is some talk of eonteating Mr. Martin's seat, on the ground that ho had been convicted of slaveowning and that his pardon had not been properly entered, but notliing came of it. Florida - The majority for Huil (pem.) in the Seeond district being only 13, Bisbee (Eep.) may contest the seat. Illinois - In the Fifteenth district, the seat of Forsythe (Nat.) may be contested by Decius (Dem.). In the Second district, W. H. Condón (Nat.) has given notice that he will contest the seat of S. R. Davis (Rep.) whose plurality was 4,230, Condón only reeeiving 250 votes in a poll of nearly 21,000 votes, but the notice is said to be irregular. Indiana - In the Ninth district, the seat of Orth (Rep.) will be contested by McCabe íDem.), who was beaten by ninety-seven. There are charges that sonie twenty-five or more college students, not residents of the State, voted for Orth, and fraud is alleged in Vermillion and Montgomery counties. Iowa- There is likely to be a muddie in consequence of the claim that the October election was not legal, and that the members elected in November are entitledo their seats. Elections were held in six districts in November, when the folio wing gentlemen obtained majorities : :.'. Hiram Priec-, K. 7. K. H. Gillette, D. & N. 5. Rush Clark, R. 8. ,1. C Holmes, D. G. J. B. Weaver.D. AN. 0. John Wilson, D. The first four were elected in October, and took this step to make their claim good in either contingency. Republicans having done this as well as Democrats, it cannot be alleged that the move was a "party dodge," and the best legal opinión of Iowa is divided as to the regularity of the first election. Louisana - In the Third district, Hebert (Rep. and Nat.) wjU contest the seat of Acklen (Dèm. ). Maryland - In the Fifth district, Crane (Rep.) will contest the seat of Henkle (Dem.) on the ground of fraud and interference with Supervisors. Massachusetts - In the Sixth district, Boynton (Nat. ) will contest the seat of Loring (Rep.;, alleging among other reasons that 413 votes for the latter did not specify the office to be filled. Loring's plurality over Boynton was 113. Minnesota - In the Third district Donnelly (Dem. and Nat.) will contest the seat of Washburn (Rep.) on the grounds of "bribery, intimidation, violence, fraud, and corruption." Washburn's majority was 3,013. New York- In the Twenty-fifth district, J. M. Wieting (Nat. and Dem.) will contest the seat of Hiscock (Rep.), who was elected by 3,425, on grounds of alleged eorruptioa and intimidation. North Qarolina - In the First district, Y'eates (Dem.) will probably contest the seat of Martin (Rep.), the State Canvassers having declined to go behind the returns, which on their face gave Martin 51 majority. In the Seeond, O'Hara (Rep.) will contest the seat of Kitchen (Dem.), claiming that his votes "were illegally thrown out in Halifax, Edgecombe, Craven, and Lenoir counties, which sent up amended returns. Pennsylvania - In the Twentieth, Curtin (Dem.) will contest thtt of Yocum (Nat. p.nd Rep.), on the ground of fraud and bribery. Yocum's majority was 92. There is a squbble over the seat of Klotz (Dem.) in the Eleventh, which is claimed by Albright. The Canvassing Board split, but Klotz has filed the judicially certified returns of all the coanties with the Clerk of the House as a safeguard. They give him 95 majority. There has been some talk of McCaudless (Dem.) contesting the seat of Bingham (Rep.) in the First district, where Bingham's plurality was 7,427. Virginia - In the Ninth district it is said that McMullin (Ind. Dem.) will contest the seat of Richmond (Dem.), who was elected by a plurality of 291. Wisconsin - In the Third district, King (Nat.) will probably contest the seat of Hazelton (Rep.), whose majority was 120, on the ground of colonization of voters in Lafayette county.


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