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What It Costs To Die

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Wlien a corpsc beeomes a corpse, the first thing to do is to notify the undertaker. He comes at once, and takes complete control of the whole matter, und does not surreuder his fidl charge imtil he receipts the bilí. Oí' course, he furniahes everything, and the bill of au nndertaker for a first-class funeral will 1-ead about as follews : (offin $3U0 jOarriaiïes (80) $100 Shroud 0 Grave Ü0 Orape 5 Incidental 10 Uloves 2 I l,.-.v,vs i Total $537 Hearse 10 A cheaper funeral than this, of course, ia procurable, and the majorit.y of funerals ure chea]er than this. A veiy respectable pageant may be gotten up for from $50 to $75, and a poor man can liave the satisfaction, on that ainount of outlay, to go to his grave followed by three" or four carriages, in addition to j those of his friends which may be in attendauce. These are only medium funerala, and j if we should put the figures at the high notch it -would not be less than $1,000 ' more, or about $1,500 to die stylishly, and about $ü00 to fade uvity in an ordinarily respectable, quiet manner. This, ; is in painful contrast with the burial of the friendless poor, who have a grave in Potter's field - a plain wood box and a horse iuid wagon to convey them to


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