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The Pestilent Sparrow

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Coneernmg the utihty of the Enghsh sparrow iu this country, a subject which has been eamestly discussed by scientiñe men, Prof. C'. V. Eiley Chairman of the United States cal Commission, has recen tly published j a letter, in which he expresses his views, : as follows : " I consider it nselcss to atternpt tlie extermination of the bird. It is now established among us, and no measures tliat can be practically adopted would ever rid us entirely of it, even wero such riddance de&irable. In the j conntry the bird will at times beeome j a grievous pest here, is it has been in : Europe, and farmers, for i tion, will ever and anon have to svstematically destroy it. I would, tiiei-efore, like to see it take its chances with our nativo birds, a thing wlüch it ; is abundan tly capable of doing, and , corporations should not, in my ment, encourage its undue : tion by producing shelter and ; places'' bevond what the bird may natundlv find.''


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