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Six Suggestions For The Election

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1. Rcmombcr ihat mcmbersof Congress are o bo chosen this ycar. 2. The ''IJai.vnce op Power," whcn we et it in any election, s oura to keep, not to acll for any lemporory ndvant.ige. as elcctingn Librfy man by ilie sacrifica of Liberty principies, ut to hold on to il until wo can get THE POWÍK - to overthrow slavery. 3. Keep entirely nloof from both tho oíd pnres. The Liberty party is (blinden1 on the coniclion ihat neither of them ever wil! or ever can ree tho slave. Bv thcir very organizition and nnturo botli uro aliko instrumenta oí the slate )ower - cach acting in its own way, nnd each doing its peculiar work for slavcry. They ore icpt so evenly balanced, that thcy can ahvays )o plnyed off one againat onolhcr, eo ihat bolh may be kepi dependent ond submissive to tbc overseers. Their manngers look for office as the reward of their efforts to keep tho North in subjection to tho South. Tho Democratie party, as orgsnized by Van Buren, ia more open, bolc nnd reckless in its subserviency. The Whig pnrty is compcllcd to bo more cautious, and even in somc local sectiotis to appear to bc nntislaverv in somo particulnrs. But pretended nnd Lean less friends are always more dangerou9 and huriful than open encmios. V.'atcii ihem.rculnicd in your town, and discourage all y ou h in the circulution of proslavery pipers, because V :w?papers make and control public sentiment i all qnesiions in this country of a public char.. :ior, and every dollfir paid to the support o[ oslavory papers goesin fact to the putting down ' abulition, while our nntialavcry papers need h ie support. fa 5. Bew.tre of palitical 6nares, folse and colv. teral issues, false repons end forgeries about , liherty candtdates - for all such nro designed by irty men to breuk us up by exciting jealousies V{ i our ranks. C 6. Remcniber, "Liberty for nll is our watch 'ord; and fiedelity to God, the slave. our counj ■y, our own rights, and each other, in a well rganized mode ot action, executed wiih watchjlnesa and care, in wisdom, but with prompt" ess and diligence, is absolutely necessary to our V nccess, and "groat shall bo your rcward." - "] Cmancipalor. O"Rcv. Mr. Banks, (Presbylerian,) stated in Cleveland on ihefirstof August, theresultsof emaneipation ho hud witnessed in the West Indiea In Trinidad '-tiio rcsull of the experiment had been complete. Formerly, every dwclling was defended witli firc arms,and no one presumed to sleep without ban ing his doors, and loading his guns, nnd placing all his weapons of dcfcnce at hand. Novv, a door was seldum locked. and fenr had utterly fl:d. At iïrst, difticuliies and losjes were reponed as tho resiilt of emancipation- but tlicy orosc from embárraseme nt9 incurred durina the existenco of eluvcry. The ííieai difliculty wos the want of laborers, not nn indisposition to labor. Emancipation naturally withdrew from the field, many témales, and child.en of unsuitable ages, and mechanica, who were compellcd to labor in the field under the constrainis of Slavery. This wa3 tho causo of thesenrciiy of luborern, and n consequent dimunitron of producá at first. But how is it now after ten years experienco? Notwithstandin all the objections that were raised dien, and the dif ficulties experieneed, nota man now in Trinidnc! would listen to a proposition to return to the oíd aystem. Tbey say, weall trembled, the first few yeor. but now wc know that freedotn is better than Slavery. At first, capital was with druwn from use; now. new roads are buik in every direction, and new painted houses rise where I old ones siood before. Uoüroüds are projected on Europcan capital - showing ihat the entire busii ness oí tho island has received a new impulso. When he first went to Barbadoes. he had tracts. and presented some to some children as they passed. The consequence was, ho was be set all the aftemoon by well-dresscd children. - who could a!l rr'nd with eise, for moro tracis. -- VVhut o contrast in our Southern Stntes ! Hun dreds who commenced with a, b, c, in two yeari j or less, leam to read, end write, nud cyplicr.- When he left the island, the houso and passage; throngcd with peoplc, eager to give him i pnrtins hand. and secure a promisc of his return, y The idea thut idlcntss prevails there, or tha " tlicre is danger in etnnncipation, is a huinbug."