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A Methodist Auctioneer

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Ín Washington city thcrc is n fellow ol the name of A. Green, who follows slave-selling for a regular business, and advcrlises in several papors. A "sale of Household and Kuchen Furniture" iandvertised in the National Inielhgencer of July 0, with tliis posiscnpt: ÜPON THK SAMK DAY. AT 5 ö'ctoC, I'. M . AND AT TH)! S W IM.UK. WJÜ ! Soifl H VOFV llkc ly and valuable servau; Boy, about 1? yt-ars of age. a sluve for life. Terin-s of sale: One half cn.h. and the bilancc in 00 aky, to bo 8?nired by a note sitislactorily endorscd, bearing interest. A. GREEN, Anctioneer. July 20 - 2tavl w&-3taw 1 v Thia Mr. Green, says the A. S. Iteported, s'ii licensed by the city authorities, undor auihoritj from Congress. HisofTics is on Pennsylvanu ; Avenue, the great llioroujthfarcof tlio city. abou inidway batwecn the Capítol tnd tho President1! House. He is himsell' a niember, and, if w are correotly informed, a cl-ss-!eader in one o the principal Methodist clrurches in the cny-- One's spiritual e.xercises must be delifihtful a'iei 1 the sule of sach a !boy." "Wh it n teneh is snob riety ia (h nostrüs of !! 3ficni ntn.-liat a lo:itliinir to tho Uod ot Meaven. A si ristian peiling "büysl" And oncofnmission! ' olíanle! , , , p