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Accordmg to the report oí tne i missioner of Interna! Kevenue, the s ceipts for tlie last fiscal year feil off Í ] f $8,341,020.88, as comparecí with the 1 : year vhi-lj emled June 50, 1877. The í 'depressing causes that have operated on I j every department of trade were feit ' here, as they have been in the reduced i ; reveime on imports. Necessity ha.s ' ' forced economy in all forms of luxury, ' for even the comparatively rieh whose ■ incomes have been cut down, and stiil ! more for the toilers whose wages have i been diminished when they conld find ' ; employuxent. ( ïhis document covers more than 200 pages, and contains many interestin g j i facts, which can only be presented by I digesting an immense amount of superfluous matter. Deducting $56,538.79 ! for sums refunded, the following table i gives the net total receipts for all the i States and Territories : State and Net Total Staten and Net Total I Tenuories. Receipt. Territortes. Raxtpts. Alabama... $137, (ii8.U5 Montana .... $27,103.88 ! Arizona 20.W1.01 Netraska. ... 8,447.60 i Arkansas 114,Mfi.2!Nevada 5H.(, ■ California ... 2,1)5,767 .32;N. Hamps're "08,181.11 Colorado 88.253.00: New Jersey. 5,096,279.17 ! Connecticut . 59I.2H1.7!) New Mexico. 19,85.36 Dakota 2!l.!IS4.30.New York... l-l.m7.20S.WI Delaware 480,!t34.SÜ H . Carolina. 1,818,88&.W Florida lS3,S23.38Ohio 14,73,51 .86 Georgia 333,J7!l.'.tO Oregon 60,K8.6U Idaho ........ l'.l.7"7.Cl;Pran8ylva'a. 5 Olü.i'.ii. 2 Illinois 10.ti(i7.7Mi.5S Rhorte Isla'd 24B,759.K Indiana 5.710,1124.211 s. Carolina. . 11. sil. w Iowa 1I58.KÍ7.4B Tennessee. . . 844,460.08 Kansas....... lM.31li.liS Texas 866,548.37 Kt-ntncky.... 6,880,668.81 Utali 48.841.98 Lonisiaua. .. f-5U,ltifi.2O Vermont .... 44,83.49 Main. 70,696 78 Virginia Ü..V.'l. iriií Marylaijd.... 8,830,006.19 Was&iagtoa. 23.011.uo Massachu'tts W. Virginia. 32'.471.57 Michigan 1,602,808.41 Wisconsin .. 2.431,808.47 Minnesota.. 274.ÍI75.25 Wyoming... : 15.207.27 MiMisslppi.. 66,824.08 Missouri.... 5,C0D,31fi.l4 Total ... 10460,781.67 There was also rcceived in cash deposited for purchase oí adhesivo stamps $5,936,843.01. Illinois leads the list of tax-paying States by fonr millioas antl three-quarters over New York, which stands next 011 the roll. Between New York and Ohio there is only a difference of some f 154,000. New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Illinois together return nearly half of the entire internal revenue. The sixteen Southern States pay together twenty-six and one-third millions, or, say, about one-fourth of the revenue, which corresponds nearly with their relativo population in the expected aggregate of the next census. The six New England States aggregate $3,594,! 682.39, or about one-half of the revenue ! whieh Kentucky and Virginia respöct ively pay, or a little more than onefourth tiiat of New York.


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