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A Fast Boy

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Apropos of an incident thafc re-ently happened in the streets of this íity, 'a well-known railroad man tells Üie foílowing romantic story, which, if the accounts are to be relied on, occurrod about the same time : A few nights since, when the Kansas Pacific train was making lightning time across the plains in the diroction oi Denver, the emigrant car was occupied y a solitary woman and three little tow-headed children. In occasionally lassing throngh, the conductor liad observed that the possengerwas apparenty very imeasyj and frequently inquired i ïow long it' would be bef ore they reached their destination ; but he gave the matter little attention, naturally supposing it was merely the outgrowth of female impatience. What was his surprise, then, when, on going back into the car a few hours afterward, to have his ears assailed by the loud shrieks of a new-born infant, and to see the mother evidontly equal to thesituation, and giving to this addition to her family the attention which the circumstances reqnired. " Why, great heavens ! " exclaimed the conductor, " what's the matter here ? " "Nothing at all - the matter's all over," replied the woman, a wintry smile playing around her pale lips. " You dou't mean to teil me that chüd has just been Dorn r 'Well, not exaotly; it's something like an bóur old," and the happy mother dexterously invested it inabitof ragged calicó, whieh she had been smootlung out for the purpose. "But don't you need soine help- some attention- the presence of some female?" stammered the bewildered official. " I never heard anything like this before." " Oh, do, it's all right now. lm getting along splendidly." The conductor beat a hasty rotreut, and, having fished up an old woman in ome othx-r part of the train, sent her n to attend to his self-reliant passender. An hour or two afterward he gave ïer another cali, and found the lady seene and happy. " How's that youngster getting along ? ie asked. "First rate," rephed the smiling mother. "I say, conductor, this is ather a fast boy-, ain't he ? " j " I should say he was- he carne into ( he world at the rate of twenty miles an I íour." " I'm going to make a railroad man of . íim." " It's a good idea." The conductor looked a little embarrassed for a moment, and then felt nervously in his pocket and produced a 10 bilí. " Madam, just take that and buy this Doy an outfit, and when he gets big enongh dispatoh him by presa to my rain. I'll make a railroad man of him f there's anything in birth," and, with ns politest bow, the conductor took lis leave. ín a few minutes the train reached ite destination, and the woman, with her baby, disappeared in the throbbing life and bustle of the city.- Denver CCol. ) News,


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