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A Senator Caught Napping

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A jocular Senator from the West tells a very good Rtory about anotlier Senator from a Southern State. The latter began life as a brakeman on a railroad, and, by industryaud foresight, lias accumulated a fortune and high politioal honors. Senator Thurman, while Bpeatdn'g, usually holds bis glaseas in one hand and a huge red handkerchief in the other. He blows a sounding blast on his nasal crgan in the midst of speech quite as naturally as Senator Dawes looks up at the galleries every time he addresses the Vice President. It was an all-night session. The Silver bilí was under discussion. The Southern Senator reíerred to was quietly sleeping on a sofa in the cloak-room. ! Mr. Thurman was speaking. He blew ■ his nose with such vigor that the report could almost have been heard in the Secretary's office. The sleeping Sena; tor was awakened by the noise, and, leaping to his feet, grasped a chair by the side of the sofa and twisted it around until the author of the story grasped him by the 'arm and brought I him to a realizing sense of his wherea! buuts. It is now an unhealthy matter ; for any one to cali " down brakes " to ' the victim of the joke, Washington I etter to Bo.ston Post, visited the White House and presented ameiuorial and oüier papers in relalion to femule suffraR 'uut cliarged tliat the President had ignored the ii-omen of the country in liis animal message. The. President treated thenT very oonrteously, and in reply said : "Yon say I have ignored the women of the country in my animal message. I will oarefülly coñsider what you have said and the papers you have presented tü me, In my next message I will act according to the dictates of my oonscienöe and the best light I have." The President, af ter a brief interview, asked them ü they would like to meet Mrs. Hayes. Of course they would. Thoreupon they were turned over to the "first lady of the land," who proceeded to show them over the Exeoutive Mansion. Slio i-inintfrl' nut, the nurserv. kitchen. Olio UU1I1W311 UUt Kiltí HJIUXJ.J , - - , and other domestic appointments, and dilated largoly upon Kousekeeping economy, culinary science, etc., but never once alluded to statecraft. The strong-minded sisters left the White House with the inipression tbat they had been trifled with. They didn't go there for information about housekeeping, but to tnlk about voting. THE FORT KOEINSON AFFAIR. The recent massacre of Cheyenne Indiana at Fort Kobinson, in Nebraska, has caused considerable feeling in official circles, and loud is tlie condemnation of the miserable mismanagement which has led to this ugly aüair. The I matter has been brought beíore the Benate in the sliape of a resoliitiim, introduccd by Mr. Yoorhees, directing the appointment oí a special committee I to inquire intotlie circumstances of this i Klaughter, with a view of placing the bhime where it properly belongs. The resolution was immediately passed without óppositióh. It is hoped the inquiry will be made with as mnch thoroughness as possible. TEXAH PACIFIC. It is asserted here that a combination has been formed beiween the Northern Pacific and Texas Pacific railroad interests. by which it is hoped by the friends of each bilí to get both through Congress this session, aud overeóme the powerful influence the "Union, Central and Southern Pacific railroads are exerting to defeat both bilis.


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