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Associated Agricultural Societies--annual Meeting

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I he sixth annual meeting of the state Associatiou of Agricultural Societies was held ia Lansiug on Wednesday of last week. Delégate were present from Calhoun, Eaton, Genesee, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Kent, Kalaniazoo, Lenawee, Lapeer, Muakogon, St. Joseph, Van Buren, Washtenaw, Central Michigan, Hubbaldston, North Berrien, and PUinwull societies, the State Poraological tsociety, the state Agricultural Society and the Agricultural College. A. C. Gliden, of Paw Paw, oalled the meeting to order and delivered an excellent address. Secretary Little readhisannual report whioh einbodied many valuable statistios and sensible suggestions concerning the holding of fairs. A vote of thanks was tendered him for bis able report, and for his strenuous efforts to collect statistios from the Society. Thursday morning Secretary R. G. Baird of the Agricultural College, delivered an address on "Approved Methods of Conducting Fairs, eet." Resolutions were adopted urging il as aduty of county agricultural sooieties in the offering and distribution of their premiums to giro equal encourageinent and fostering care to all the various industries represented in the cominunity; declaring that a membership ticket should not be an aduuission ticket ; recommendiug that agricultural societies encourage the giving of special premiums by individuals for animáis, articles manufactured, works of art or industry, under their rules; and providing that prizes or other legitímate means should be usedtobringoutmore statistical information regarding the cost of the production of crops and other articles at our fair. In the afternoon a visit waa paid to the Agricultural College. The association fiuished its business on Friday morning. A resolution recouimending that the sale of life membership tickets bediscouraged, and urging that societieB having such outstanding to buy them up, was adopted. County societies were urge to take no notice of pedigrees uuless animáis claiming them were entered with the secretary at least two weeks before the fair. This aotiou was for the purpose of giving time to investígate the claim. A form for reports for county societies was adopted. Officers for the ensuing year were elected as folio wh : President - Charles H. Kichnioiid, Anu Arbor. Vice-Prsident- C. L. Whitney, Muskegon. Secretary - Charles Little, Kalamazoo. Executive Cammittee - Ira II. Butterfield, Lapeer; M. B. Hine, Kent; D. B. Antes, St. Joseph. The next meeting of the above societies, was ordered to bu held in Ann Arbor. Time, desiguated by President and Secretary.


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