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- Senator (Jhilds introduced a bilí to establish a state hospital in Aan Arbor. - A bilí passed the senate last week asking Congrega to pass a law prohibiting the adulteratiou of honey. - Representativa Sawyer introduced a bilí to amend the law relativa to trial of cases of fact in courts of chancery. - The Senate has passed a concurrent resolution for a recosa from Fabruary 7 to 17. The last date is only two days before the expiration of the óO-day limit. - Senator Ambler introduced a bilí to provide for medical and surgioal treatment of niendicant and indigent childron at the Uuiversity hospital in Ann Arbor. - Representativa Johnson hus given notice of a bilí to establish a cbair of "eclectic medicine" in th Uiiiveraity and appropriating a sufficient aum of money to pay the professors who fill the chair. - Senator Billings has introdaced a bilí repealing the act of 1673, which requires the lovyiug in the State of a tax of one-twentieth of a mili, to be devoted to University purposes. If it should pass, the Univergity will be placed upon precisely the same footingasother State ïuBuiuuons. - The argumenta alleged why Childs should be defeated for President pro tem of the Senate, were : "That ho was airead y sufficieutlyhonored by being chairman of themon important cominittees ; that Washteaaw County had already receivud ia ebrkships and other appointmenti mom than her share, and that a Waahtenaw man was Speaker pro tem of the House. Furtherinore, Mr. Childs was supposed to be capable of standing defeat, whereas Chamberlain was excessively sensiti ve, and therefore, for the sake of harmony, preference should be giveu to thelatter." - Senator Childs has gi ven notice of a bilí enlarging the State Hospital, oonnected with the University, at Aun A.rbor. It provides for the admiision of children under 16 years, suffering -with chronic diseases, and gives preference to children from the State Publio School, at Cold water, next to children certiried to by the Suparintendents of the Poor of the vurious counties. The bill appropriates 110,000 for building an extensiou to the hospital to be usedexclusively by the children's departwent and $5,000 for the running expenses of .the same. II üUdale Demooritt. E. fi. Pond of Ann Arbor, has told the Michigan Aitous to a Mr. Bailey of Auburu, N. Y. The first paper we ever took - we were a small boy too- was edited and published by E. B. Pond.


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