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Acquisition Of California

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.„, ihM cxc'.C' geíri iftWr .hr,.n,l, .be counirv. wc M ,1ve,lte,Mr.,ol,hr.o..her.o.m pfqeoedinp n Cungñreamtbéyhavo transpircd W ..„H.o.edlr.,,,, va- "■■"- A c, r-onde,,. -'. rf the givcs a liratnry oí Uudoiniii iafaingWh ös PoUowe: feil ííwsbrOVfihi tino ihe House to npproftimWiw. U enablo our 'gl.rioue" Irtidcnt 'o ..■n ihe pence vrlücU hc lold ua Ik „ns aboiu lo conque.' TSk -&US&om kvas aUowwJ to a rpehtber lo speak apon il. They , j„ve Dswnle rich and ip-qy IRtlo speeches: lull c omg.enaiigb. Tlicn c;imo th amcndments ! - J, i'ou'H undowfniïd (ihoRh t!lis is nl 'il0 lnn i:i [Tnüo of fltó tóetóijgc) tint the uv„ miUíona isto R ftWii the wreicbes now aáraimatéríng tlo bc .Mngovornniont, lo ;ive us tcrritory and mako C ??ncc. Mr. Wilmou from tlie ISlh District in Pern . oiiorcl tftci following atncntlmcnt: p '■r,orul!. Tlnr, ás mi expi-ess nnd q BtQJtol condiiion to the acqr.isuioii of nny pt tory from tbc Repul.lic ol Mexico by t!c United SjaWWvbj'.yiwnó'öfnhy Troity which may b r p(] beïween tlici), an.l to the use by the d ive ot the nionrys hcrtñn nppopriaio.l. neitlirr sbvcry nor invüh;ntary porvii'ule sliall () -ver rxisi i anj part of snid tErrifory,xcept for l crimr-, whcrcof tlie party shaíl first bo du!y 1 virteii." 'Tlien rnir-c the "tug of war," nnd great cxciieniPiU. Evcry cfTort was nimle ngninst the c nmcinhucnt. Tho tjooM viö in committoe of o tiio wliole. TKcnootnetbr at S91 Modifications r were olll-ud nnd lct; so werc amcixlments to b ihe amendment. "Our side" stood firin. f sylvanü liad lost rosr TnrilV and the Western men i .hVir Ilarbor Bill; thcy were exaspcratcd of o :ourse, anl detennincd to ndininister the pill.- ' "Long Jului" was quite '-fanatic-il" and cried nut at tho top of his voicc, "No more Slavc i Territory I" A good nnny 'fiiiy-four fovty" ' men, seemed to say amen! It wa carricd. 83 a to 64, nnd bill reported to the House! Tlicn i there was anotlicr lug: Aves and Noes were r pentcHy ralle. A 'Missouri compromiso" tr;cd c anJ lost Thr 1 ill wns engroseed and páswd and no duren, 97 to 65. A reconsidcraüon woa I dIostby Aycsaud Noes. and tho bilí l wen: IQ the Sennte and the líense ailjourncd to 8 o'clock on Monday niorning. Tlic majorities on the seVeral rotes were from 8 lo 25. "We gnther the foüowini: necount of 8ub?r- [uontnroeeeúings from tho Tribune. Tho bilí, J úvis amended. $usáéá ihc Uouse, it will bo obtcrveJ, on Saturday eveoing. On Saturdav nlt the Joint Comnüttecof (.Conference on l'ne Cvil nnd Diplomatic Appropriation bilí, comj.osed of Cnir Democrats nnd two WJligí, fitt of the sií from tho Slavc State?, was cnllcd ( gelhcr. and a resolute altempt waa mude to foist vlie $}080000 which ihc House hadjust pnsaed ] ... ampárate bilí, ihlo tho General Appropiaüo.t LmII. so ih:it it íboéia bo Torced through without l the detened Anti-Slavery proviso, or tho ] ral Appropriation.bill fail, and the govcrnroein I Le run high and dry nshore! Bul -.vhen a rumor I ofthis inanoucvrc yotind, an inteiiíe excite 1 ment ainong litó Meniber generally irom the freo siates was created, nnd a determinatinn q-.iekly arrived at, to kill ihc Appropriation bilí and llave all conserjurnecs raihcr lium have the tiick succecd. So it had to be given up. 'The bilí wont 10 tlie Sonate on Momlny mornUovrt half un hour before the time appoinied ioi-Coni;ress to cdjourn. Mr. Dixon Hi Le-.%is. who though a vory Urge non. is somewhat excitablé, rose and demanded that ihe Senatc take up the said bilí, nnd demanded the veas and nny. As ihis would ha ve oceupied nearly the half of the time remaining it was objecied to, and Mr. Lewiir snid hc would nol insist on the yeas and nays if it could be carriol v.ithout them. Ü' ii to'uld not bc carried without fnem, he demanded ihem jumping v.p agnin, he said ':thc voie is extrcmely doubiful, and I ask tho yeas and nays"- bat just at ihal moment the President announced that it wos carried. 'The bill'being rcad, Mr. moved to striko out ihc proviso, anarding againat the mtroduclion of slavery into what 8 now freo territory. From ihis it was preit evidenr. that the peculiar ir íendyof the admiuistration had resolved on killins the bill."Mr. Davis protestcd against amenrtmg it os proponed. lic was piocetdin 10 mko somc rcniarUs, but with iheconstaut inlerruption of inessa:cs from :he líense and President, he had only ub.ut ten minutes to speak. "Mr. Lcwis scveral limes got up in grcat excitement, nnd requested Mr. Davis to pcrmii hiu. to offer n rcsolaiiun pos'pomng tbe hour of adjuurnment. "Mr. Davis would not yield thc floor till he had concluded bis rcniarks; bul he would give the Senator time to niake thc motion beíore thc hour arrived. "Mr. Lewis. impatient and thrcw tlic resolutionon the floor, staling thut liic Ilouse had adjourned. Mr. Davis held ihc fljorto thc la.?t. becnuf he supposed tbe proviso wouJd be stricken out. ,f it camelo a vote. It is eniii, thnt he was prO&áMj inistaUcn- ttiat it would have been reta;ned, even in the Senate. This shows wlmt the taita thc Frce States cau do and wül do, ii (J:a time." ' e Naiional Intclligcncer cai-mfe the preceding his'.ory in til Uie prtriiculars. and says tliat thc niessngesof the President, nsking for the Two Millions "included most plainly thc acquisition by f,,rcc orpiirchasc, or both jointly. of a greater or less portion of the Mcxican erritory."- Thai paper represents the whole afíiiirasproceedin" :'a5 merrily as marrtage bclls to its consuniination:" tilt Wilinotofiorcd his arnendrrent prohibiting Slavery. This, says the Intelligenccr. "VUÚU ihc hlll so renj vnarrcptnllc to ils mosl nnhnt fñmds, that mnny of tlicm voted against ilspnEsage, and even Mr. McKay would not vote Jor bis own bitl. It passed, howcver, oh Saturday night, without '.lia vote, by a majority oí. 8ix." This shows most plainly thc determinaof 'he South to fasten Slavery upon all it3 new acquibilions. The course of Mr. Davis ir ppeaking oi:t the time so 03 to defeat tho pnsage of the bul, i severely censured by thc Dcmocrats. and in Mn5saehtiset?8. Ci F'. Adaüi?. in the Boston Whtg, caüs on liim 10 cxplain his nio'ivcs. It i lltougfit hy somc.. that he Ittdmg Wüíga are shoüt entering on another TaritT campaign: tliat ít was neces?ary to coax the Southern Wfilga jntotho measnre: that a test vote in the Senate on this bilí would hSve ibówed a large nmnbcr of Southern W!iig Senators in favor of cstabÜihinq Slavery in Culiforniu : that siielí a demoniua'.ion on thcir part would ha ve disgusted me Nonhern amislavery VVhigs, nnd endangered, ií nótncinaRy pro'duced, adisruption of the NWth. rn and Suothcrn "VViiigs, -M)d crippicd thc party. so !hnt it would be powcrlosson th Tariff onl oí! every otlier quesiion: and (hat it w.-js to screen t'iie SóilÜMírñ WWga frm an op'crt avowül o( a.Í8position lo propjgatc S'avery, wiih th..-ci.scquenoes fmtowing, iliat L).ivi pre'vfented a 10 bing lakon. Mr. Auams, intlic Wln'." lis htm d inawci. yca ii mi), wlnulm lln. u' IB lili imilivc. I" ltwill bu observad, kliai iho proii il i in oí 'c avery was 10 le ''m etpress and faudantental u' mltt 'a" oi ü6 pu rehusa ni Cnlitbr., áid l'' julil. ilifrcfore. bo írrovocnble. like thc UrdíA neo olí 7 -7. 'r lif