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-Sheriff Case began the week with fourteen boarders. -Steain waa first sent thro'ugh the radiators of the Conrt House on Tues. day. -- Frederick and Chriatian Kuhn gave security Wedneaday in the sum of $100 eaoh to keep the poace for the next six months. -Miss Carrie E. Clark, a very estimable young lady, died at her home on North Main street.Sunday night, in her 27th year. -Christian Eichorn, who picad guilty to stealing a flook of sheep, has been pronounced insano by Drs. Kapp and Breaky and has been taken to the inBane asyluin. The brick store on Main street belonging to the estáte of Edwaid Vanderwaker was sold at mortgage sale Saturday, and was purchasod by Jacob Vanderwaker, for $8,300. -The FiiBt National Bank refuses to receive Canada money over its counter. It has everal hundred dollars on hand, which they can not be rtisposed of only at a discount, or, by redemption in gold at the banks of issue. Daniel Lyon, who moved from this city to üwasso, thirty years ago, died in that city on Saturday. Always a conscieutious Christian man he lived to see the Baptist churoh, for which he labored years to build up, a success, both spiritually and financially. Rev. Eugene A. Frueauff of Bethlehem, Pa., fathor of Justice Frueauff of this city, died on the 12th instant. In the Moravian, publisned at the late res idence of the deceased, is a column article, in which the aged clergyman is favorably mentioned, out, as well as in the churoh. - Sunday evening, Israel Kuhnle, of Scio, came to the city and attended the Germán Methodist Church. He hitched his horse and cutter in front of the churoh, and during the services some one untied the horse and drove off. Bafore doing bo, however, they were pracautious to remove a string of bells, which were discovered in the snow. - Isaao Sheldon of this city, taken from his bed at the Gregory House late at night on the lOth inst. by a deputy sheriff from Ypsilanti, un a charge of indebtedness of sixty cents for faat, was oommitted to jail in tuis oity for thirty-five days and fiued $10. After serving ten days, he was habeas corpu$ed, taken before Judge Huntington, and through the efforts of Pitrick HcKernan, his attorney, dischargod. The ground of the diacharge was informality of commitment. - At the annual meeting of the Ann Arbor Arbeiter Unterstuetzungs Verein, held on Monday evening last, the following ofiicers were elocted for the ensuing year : President, Christian HoffBtetter; First Vice-President, Anton Eisele; Second Vice-President, Eugene C. Frueauff; Kecordiug Secretary, TheodoreBigalke ; Treaaurer, Fred. Schmid ; Cashier, George Killer; Trustees, John G. Grosarnann, George Koch.John Walz, Anton Sohaeberle, Christian Habich, Henry Binder, Michael Weiumann ; flag bearer, John Gall ; Stevvard, Henry Binder. The membership is now ninetynine persona. The society is in a most prosperous condition. At a meeting of the excutive committee of the Waahtenaw Couuty Agricultural and Horticultural Societies, held at Firemen's Hall on Saturday it was voted to hold a fair in this city, upou the grounds of the society next f all, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 30, and continuing four days - Sept. 30, and Oct. 1, 2, and 3. It was decided to offer $5 and $10 premiums i o boys for yearling stears, broken, and to give speed premiums, amount not yet fixed. There will be two races a day. The stud race will be open to Washtenaw, Wayne, Monroe, Lenawee, Oakland and Livingston counties. No horse will be allowed to take more than one first premium Edward Treadwell was elected Superintendent and Michael Fleming marshal


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