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-8,000 members of Bed Kibbon club in Barry county. Rev. Mr. Pope of Ann Arbor, spoke before the Milan Reform Club on the 14th. - Prof. EsUbrook of Ypsilauti, spoke upon temperanoe in Manchester, Sunday evening. Col. Goulding of Toledo, addressed a masa meeting at Dexter, Sunday evening. Sons of Temperance of Ypsilanti gave a pea-nut sociable at Batchelder'a Hall on Tuesday evening. - Biirring temperance addresses were made in the Opera House, Sunday afternoon, by William Burk, Charles Boylan, Thomas Eccles, President of the Saline Club, and others. Meetings are also held every Saturday evening at Delhi, Foster'g and Lodi, the speakers in nearly all cases being members of the club here, or froin the Temperance Union of the University. A.n important meeting of the Reform Club of this city was held one evening, last week. The committees for the ensuing six months were announced and confirmed ; the dues were reduced from 25 cents to 10 cents per month, and a special committee of three was appointed to see what arrangement can be made, if any, toward the erection of a suitable building lor the use of the club. The rent of the rooms now occupied by tke club amounts to $816 per year, and it is believed a great saving could be made if the club owned a building of its own. A report will be made in two weeks, and it is quite possible some arrangement will then be made and the proper parties set to work. Battle Creek Journal. Hon. E. B. Pond has sold the Ann Arbor Arous, of which he has been the editor aud proprietor for the last quarter of century and by the able and judioious oonduct of whioh he has won and lonjt held a place in the very front rank of Miohigan journalisni. We should be sorry to beliuve that Mr. Pond will retire froni the "third estáte," but wherever he may be, he will possess the earnest regard and bp the object of the best wishes of his brethrenof the press. Mr. Bailey, a journalist of Auburn, N. Y. , has purchased the Arous and will oonduct it under its foriner colors.


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