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Two Stores Entered By Burglars

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Uutil Friaay nigntiai, many moauii have elapsed without either places of busimess or private residences being entered for purpose of theft. Betweenthe hours of niae and ten of that evening burglars entered the hat and oap store of A. A. Terry, ou South Main breakiuga panel f rom the blind of one of the rear windows. Then cutting out a pane of glass reaohed an arm to the fastener, uulooaing which, the lower half of the window was easily raised. From remnauts of matohes soattered about the floor, the burglar must have visited the several counters. They were exceedingly oareful to choose from the stook none but the best, for, among missing articles are valuable eilk handkerohiefs, seal skin cape, gloves, necktiet, oollars, etc, to the value it il eatimatod of $200. A warrant wm prooured, but a tearoh of premises suspioioned, proved fruitless. The olothing store of A. L. Noble was next visited. There, a lot of ohoice goods were packed preparatory for lemoval. It being the evening for the meeting of Odd Fellows, the noise occasioned by members coming down the hallway stairs adjoining frightened the thieves, who hagtily made exit via one of the rear windows, whioh they bored with augur and releasedfrouifastening, without the removal of anticipated plunder. They left so hurriedly that a braoe and bit were left behind. No clues to the burglarious persons have been obtained.


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