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- Diptheriain Coldwater. - It oosts $8 for a drunk in Kinderhook. - Geneva has considerable whooping cough. - They put tnilkchecksinchurchcon tribution boxea in Adrián. - Severttl deaths from diptheria have occurecj in Graas Lake. -The Sheriff ofHillsdaleiaa Bullock The former Sheriff was a Lamb. -Jacob Boovee of Dover, is the fath er of 22 children, all living save one. -From 16,000 to 20,000 cigara are manufactured daily-in Jackaon priaon. C. H. Johnson an Albion constable absconded with $400 oollectiong for various parties. The Lenawee Supervisors ak the Legislature to cut down their pay from $3 per day to i 50. Geo. B. Hurd, a buyer of produoe, paid farmers in and about Monroe, during 1878, $67,839.840. Paul De Chaillu, the great African traveler, ia to leoture in Adrián on the 6th and 7th of February. C. R., and Barton Hough ot' Adrián, e depot grain thieves, have gone to Ionia „ for a six months sojourn. , - Hattie Doty, 17, of Cold water, took ' poison, and it didn't work as well a she o expectod. She ain't dead. i ReoeipU frotn all gouroes for 1878, t at Coldwater railroad station were ( 395.97- an increase of $8,394.20 ovei ' 1877. - A vein of coal has been struok at the depth of 38 feet on the old Charles Clements farm, four miles north-weüt of Jackson. j - Saui Sprague of Medina is a , ture of hard luck. Four times has he attempted to go over the river; thrice by hanging ; once by poison. - A wide circle of applicants wish to fill unexpired term of the late Probate Judge, Dickey, of Calhoun County. - Gov. Croswell has the appointing power. -For péddling without lioense Justice Stearns of Adrián sen tenoedLibban Myer to pay a flue of $20 and costs or 00 dys in jail. He is boarding at present a guest of the couuty. - Mrs. L. W. Young and Riohard Smith reside in Charlotte. In April, 1877, in the absence of Mrs. Y'shusband, Smith kissed her. For this she wanted 1500- beginning Buit to reoover, which she did to the amount of $80. But on aooount of a technicality a new trial waa ordered and the re-assessed value of the kiss was put by the jury at $112. Smith will appeal. Eaton County is establishing a precedent that will alarm many young, indeed some married men.


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