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Richards Sentenced To Death

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I he special term of courfc for the trial of S. D. Bichareis, the Kearney countv murderer, occupied only onc day. Three indictments -vvere fouud by the Grand Jury. The first oharged Bichards with the murder of Peter Anderson on the 9th day of last December. The second was for the murder of Mrs. Harleson and three children on the 2d day of November, and the third for the murder of an unknown man near the Platte river in the spring of 1878. He wasarraigned for the murder of Peter Anderson, and pleaded rot guilty of murder in the fiist degree. The prisoner's statement under oath was as follows: "On the 9th day of December I had a quairel with Peter Anderson in his houe, He told me that I lied. I knocked liim down. He got up, and I knocked him down again. I then asked him if he would give it up. He said he would not, and I told him that if he did not take back v.-hat he had said one of us must die right there. He turned toward a part of the room where an ax was standing, and I seized a hammer which lay upon the window-sill and struck him two or three blows upon the head. He feil and never got up again. I carried his body down cellar." The evidence on the part of the State was almost the same as the accounts already published. The attorney for the defense asked for a verdict of manslaughter. After being out two hours the jury returned a verdict of murder in the first degree, and the prisoner was immediately sentenced by Judge Gaslin to be hanged on the 26th day of April. This is just the 101 days allo wed by law. The prisoner preserved his indifference throughout, and was apparently the happiest man in the house. There is now danger of his


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