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Eccentric Noah Barker

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The Augusta (Me.) Journal prints brief biographical sketches of the members of thenewLegislature of the State. Third in the list of Senators appears the following : Barker, Noah, Corinth (Penobscot county); Independent ; no isms in religión, "do right and risk the eoueequences ;" Und surveyor and farmer, or " own my farm and farmiug toola;" man-ied; ago 71. Born in Exeter, then a plantation callod " Blaiadelltown. " Educated in the ooramon schools and at Hampden and Foxeroft academies, but mainly at the family fireside. For niany years a member of tho Superintending School Committee ; Town Clork ; Sclectman ; County Commissioner and State Land Agent. Member of Maine House of Keprosentatives in 1838, 1840, and 185ff. Was a Democrat till the party leaders wero for extending ulavery into our freo territorios; then a lïepublican till a still worse bondage ensued. In regard to other events in his life- WHAT DOES IT MATTEK? It matters little where I was born. Or if my parents werf rich or poor: Whcther they ehrank at tbe cold world's acorn, Or walkcd in the pHde of wealth Becurc: But wlu-tber I Uva an honest mao. And hold my inteprity firm in my clutch, I teil you. brother. plain as I can. It matU're mnch ! It matters little how long I stay In aworld of bottow, ain, and care; Whethtr in yonth I am culled away. Or Uve till my bonen and pate are bare; But wtetlier I do tbe best I can To soittn the weight of advursftys touch On the fadt-d check of my fellow-man, It luattcrn ïnuch! It ntattfrs liitle where be my prave, Or on tbc bind or nn the nea; By purliog brook or 'ueath stormy wave, Lt ïnattci'H little or naufibt to me: But wlxtlicr the anecl Death comes dowu And marks my brow with His loving toueh, Ah onc tïiat sball wcar the victorea crown, It mattere mucb !


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