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National Appropriations

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The corresponden; of the N. Y. Commercial hus si3tes flie nppropriations made nt 'he last sesión of Congrcss. A few small items nro miiled in the tablc, but added in the fqou'nga. 'or ihc regulnr army, $G.87if,000 iVest L'oint Military Academy, l'2i,77ii rosceuiion of ihe war witli Mexico, ïO.Oüü.t'OO ayof Voluineers, 11.907,000 "oriiricutioiw, KMI.0Ü0 lertpla defencea, ] 70.000 Deficiënt npproprintiuns for 1810, 1. 700, 000 Support of tho Nuvy, 7. r.u.000 SJJ,7J 1,970 Rxpenditurcson account of the Iiidions, 1,141,000 Pay of members of Congrcjs nnd wild lndians, 230.000 Civil and diplomatic service, 4,u:j4.OCO Post oflkedeparunent, 4.07b,OOÜ ÓU'M.OOO Fdhty Mii.i.ions will do very well to begin war wuh. Tile American people will doub:!ees regard itasa mere trille. It amounts to only Ten Dollars a year on each family of five persons, including alavés. The farmers of Michigan can shell out twenty buslicis of Whcat apiecc in prosecutitig a war for tho extensión of Southern Slavery, and not wink at it ! Where is tho mannlio wouldnu'. willingly toil twenty days in the year fer eus;aining our nationa! glory in propagating slavery in Mei ico 7 Where is the voman in Michigan wiih a .park of patriotism. wljo would not joyfully deny her?elf and children the laxuriesof life. for the sake of being instrumental in ostabiishing slave tnarketa in Matamonts, Comargo. nnd Monterey, where women and children can be sold for slavcs. on the auciioji biock. by American auctioneers ?