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Letter From The State Capital

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üA.Níiirm, lian, 10, loYJl. The more important business transaeted by the Legislatura for the past week may be summarized thnu : BENATE - INT1ÍODUCTION OF B1I.I.S. By Mr. Hodge, to establish the Michigan School for the Blind, and to I solídate and amend all laws relative to the edneation of the blind in this State ; by Mr. Robbins, relating to the construction and keeping in repair of side-" Tvalks in the highway ; by Mr. Huston, to repeal section 22 of an act to authorize the election of a Township Drain Commissioner in each organized township ; by Mr. Hodge, to establish a uniform price for publishing legal notices; by Mr. Pendleton, relativo to contracts of marricd women; by Mr. Childs, making appropriations tor the Normal School; by Mr. Huston,toauthorize the Board of State Auditors to contract for the printing and sale oP the Supremo Court reports ; by Mr. Weir, in relation to the liability of cities, villages and townships neglecting to repair sidewalks and streets ; by Mr. Hine, to authorize and regúlate certain kinds of insurance ; by Mr. Childs, to establish a State hospital at Ann Arbor; by Mr. Patterson, relative to the ioreclosure of mortgage by advertisement ; by Mr. "Weir, in tion to plank-roads ; by Mr. Billings, in referenoe to uon-forfeiture of policies of life insurance; by Mr. Stephenson, in relation to mining interests; by Mr. Hodge, in relation to teacliers' institutes ; by Mr. Ambler, to authorize the Directoi-s of the Detroit and Milwaukee railroad to be represented in the Board of Directors by proxy ; by Mr. , that Kailroad Directors shall be citizens of the United States. BE80LUTI0NS. That the Oommittee on Supplies asccrtain if the parties supplying the members with stationery are not charging too high for the same. That the Commissioner of Land Office furnish information as to why Agricultura! College lands worth $5 per acre are sold for $3. That the Sonate employ a stenographer at $5 per day wás tabled. That the Committee on liailroads inqnire into the matter of local freights on certain roads. HOUSE - INTEODUCTION OF BrLLS. Mr. Mosher, to define and snppress tramps. Mr. Allen, making appropriations for the Normal School for 1879 and 1880 ; also, for completing building. Mr. White, to provide for a uniform assessment of property. Mr. McNabb,Eo allow a change cf venue in Jnstiee's courtw. Mr. Sawy er, to provide for the support and care of State paupers. Mr. White, to authorize the formation of associations for intellectual, scientiflc, esthetic, spiritual, reügious, or liberal culture. Mr. Outcheon, to aid the early construction of a railroitd commencing at some point on Tmmder bay (Lake Hurón). Mr. Curtis, to provide for uniform assessment of property. Mr. Chase, to authorize boards of health of cities, villages and townships to fnrnish vaocination to the people thereof. Mr. White, to reorganize the Seventh and Sixteenth judicial circuits, and créate the Twenty-fourth. Mr. G. H. Hopkins, to provide for the ap])ointment of a State Reporter. Mr. Kuhn, relating to alienation by deed, and the proof and recording of conTeyances, and the canceling of mortgages. Mr. Donnelly, to amend section 33 of ohapter 188, compiled laws of 1S71, relative to establishing watercourses and locating ditches. Mr. Kurth, relative to forcible entries and detainers. RESOLUTION3. By Mr. Thompson, that the Committees on Printing of the Senate and House be instructed to investígate the printing done for the State by the present contractors, etc. Mr. Bowen, that the Superintendent of State Property procure flfty chairs for use in the committee rooms. Mr. Wilkins' concurrent resolution that Prof. Kedzie be invited to lecture in the House on illuminating oils. That Committees on ! Taxation and Ways and Means eacb I employ a clerk at $3 per day. That a a new standing committee be added to the House committees, entitled Eastern Asylum for the Insane. That the Committee on State Affairs employ a clerk. Mr. Yeomans' concurrent resolution that the committees of the Senate and House on State Prison be instructed to inquire into the best manner of disposing of females sentenced to the State Prison and House of Correetion. Mr. Allen, that joint committee to investígate the State printing be empowered to send for persons and papers. APPOINTMENT8. Senators Childs, Coohrano and Farr, on special committee to revise the laws of the State relative to taxes; D. C. Henderson, to compile the manual; Frank Pullman, as third assistant janitor. THE FIRST BILL. The first act asqgned by the Governor was to provide for an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Kent county. i PRESIDENT PRO TEM. On Friday Senator Ohambcrlain, of Berrien county, was elected President pro tem. of tho Senate. He returned his thanks for the honor. The Legislature is getting down to business in dead earnest, tho committees are reporting on bilis, and a spirit of investigation has taken hold of many members. Both honses adjourned from Friday noon until Monday evening, Jan. 20. G. AV. H.


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