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A Iciui luim lSunta, tínica pUi ult., saya tuu un Jeera and mon oL thc recolar acivicu aro cui mii' tolerable licnlil). The volunieersure Ín "ing, lo ii irreal exiciit. wiih Un: ilyscnu ly and lie per, bfoaghi on by their own catelcssness; ir OÍRccCfl are Dol cupullu '! l.ikiuj; cure ol i-m. or ven ihcmtselves. Cíen. Tiylm has {tJ dered tu be ertcted at Point fsabol, a general 'flpilul, cnpable ofneeommoduing 2.0.10 men. lie wau-r nt iliai póial phil ni die Brnios is had. ii a BiríHcIent quaotiiy ol rn'm water cao bc had r ibe sick only. It is tepöflcd ihat ilio ,.() iirvrs hitvvoen May's C?irnp and Maiainora.-;. c áyitíg oirwiih ilie yt-llow fuvtr. li lias uoi ,,, nde its iií'pjaiance atBania yet, or on ilio Rio ,, ronde, cn Mr. Krndnll, of the N. O. Pícayiino, a volun' r. wriSfs thus rrom'i : yi c'.ThC wenlher licre is iñatípportnWy hot durinfr t0 ie niiddlo of thc dny, wlili liulu :iir surriiií, os w os the case at Roynosa. On the mnrcli (rom n' int plncc to this thc infantry snll'.-rcí! drfíidfully. ' ipcrially this sitie of Laguna ilel Pajaritas, or '" Uo oi the linio birds. thrc béirtg rio wnter tín 'u ie rond. nnd the pan iouring ts hottest rnvsdi ;ci!y upon their bicks. Scvprnl frll to tho I" round exhansicí] ly úw heat. whileothers wcro ) nnich ovorcomo, thnt it was necessary to ivo ièm placo in 'the fof age Cagona." RlcColloch's U1 LtmgQra did not snflor lo ihe samo extent. bcini; '" II we!l tnounied: imt tlu's thinp of cftmpaigiuiig u i a southern laliludo during niiil-summcr 3 noi P' artcu!3rly picasant under ny efreumstances. - ai 'o be sure, by sounding tho reveille ot lialf-past cl o o'clock in the morningand startingat linee, '1 íuch of the march s through wiih beforo tlie o un ' i yol up; biu sianing oil" at ucli an unsp-isonale hour, and boing obfiged to lay uhout during " lie heat of thc clay without ehado. for we have l' o tents.conics ratlier hard on thc American peín le - on a portion of them at least." Lrí.it. - The laet ndvices represent thnt Gen. ["nylor liad roacbed Coniargo. nnd would sliortly narch wiili Ijís main forcé for Monterey. Tlic ck'xicansat Üiia place were busy in fortifyinir t. Cen. Woith, wiih h8 brigade, had advanced is faras China, 60 miles from Comarco. _ tOC5 The Chronotype, in speaking of he Whig doctrine of sustnining the . jovernment riglit or wrong, says : " AsHv taste, ïi man should swallow a i jrcat deal that he does not like. He i hould eat muehdirt for thecommon weiare and pcace. But there are Jimits omewhore. Thercisa point somewhcro, fn man can onlv find t, vbëre hesliould iegln to respect himself, and act accordingy. Thoro is a point at which a governnent, insomeofits rcfjuiremonts, niay be:ome worse ihan none - worse llian anar:hy. It may becomea man'sduly, when lie country becomes so oufrngcouslv vroDg as lo undertnke to draw him b' tho iccls tiirough the nasliest moral mud and nire of villainy, nnd make him swallow nonstrous injustice and mountninous lies, o resist - to stand tipon his indiviüual asi.s, a clean man, and sny to his poor (cspatteredjbedeviled country - Slop now, 'Udiefirst."ÏÏJ The L-mcl fleforniers nrc to hold a = rntion in Albany, Aug. 29, to nomínate candi - ate3 lor Govemr and Lieut. Govornor r din writingto the limitation of the quantity of , md to bo obtaincd by ony individual he rea fier n tlie State, to the exempnon oí tho homesiead rom uny future debt or mortgagc; to ilie freedom '■ ( the public bnus of the State and of the United I States; to a linjitaiion to ten of the hours of Liily labor on public warks or in establishment liartered by law; snd to the adoption of such )thcr mcasures (aniong which should bo promiïcnt the hberation of all persons imprisoned for 't esistancc to land monopoly) au ma y be deemed ïccessary to forwnrd tho grent object of a FREE 3OIL." IL?' Every ye:ir, ubuut íh'.s tuno, soverá] of the iVhïg papers in this State aro laken wiih a fit of mtislavcry, which laats them almost till election ( Iay, and then departa froin tlicni till its periodicnl ( e. urn next year. Wiulo tlie fii lasts. however, hcy often soy good things. Tho OakJand ( etlc talks about the sharneïess sorviliiy of nurtli ;rn members of Coiircas on thia wise: 'Tlic truth is thiit ïhe ltcpresentativcs of tho Vorth. liav? buen :i set óf coièards ; and a brtive 'copie should Kcoin .lio recreant race. Let ui ittve men in Cpligresa wlio dare look the slnvt Irivcrs n tlie face and say thcir sonls are tlieir f 3wn. A firni and manly stand tur Í ree dom and the honor öf rtipublicén pretciifcions is nll that is requïred, and we can never excuse tho pahroons ! wlio kindly and tiniidly bowcd slavf-diiving Texas itito tho Union, and tlien wiih equal condesfension invite California lo come to ïhe ] quet in iiumnn ilcsli. Cannibalism is more human. for wcll roasted human ílt-sh tnay have a ' ter odorthan tln stupid moral cownrdice. whicii suffers tnmcly the inferno! bariér in burtíinsoüi and body lo be carried into the g!orioii3 donniris of tinture. ïf Caliornia ii to leem wiih northern ' ci ili.Jiion, lot ilie uir bu l'orever free." Very well said. Prr.y, what Wlii slaveholdcr do you intend to vote for for President in ÏH4S 1 O" IJenry Hubbard of Boston, ilx-Governor Bouck, and a Mr. Laird of Charleston, havo been ïppointed receivers general unJer the sub-Lrcasury law. [D Wo omitted to inention last week that the Board of Kegentsof the University at their late meeting appointed Silas M. Doutrlass, M. D , Proiessor of Ciwmistry. and to discharge the du lies of Professor o( Mineralogy and Geology in the ilacc of Dougluss Iloughton, deceased. The executive commince were autliorized to ranke an arrangement with Prof. Forcst Shepard for a courso of lectures in Mineralogy and Gcology tl.ia winter. Louis Fasqtiyllc, L. L. D. , was cppointed Prof. of modern languages. ttU The Campaign paper of the Oliio Liberty party says: "]t matters uot to va who.'.hcr the name of the party which sliall presa to a successfu! issue, our inlijf: principie, be called VVhig, Democraiic. or Liberty ; with the Cleveland American we say: - "Wc go for nny compromisc ihnt may fiirther tbc cnuse for wfaiph t lic Liberty party was organized, under whatcver name, or thruugli whatever instramentohty.'' OTWc went into 1I10 Menagerie on Thursdny, and josi'ed around for threo liours among soveral ihousand men, women and chik'rcn: lcir Drit; brich beiiicj sick, there was no icíormarcc by him. We thought tiic cstablisbment had been pufied quite nï inuch as it deserved. ITT The Nativc Americans nominated for 1 srnor of New York, Edvvard C. Jclavan. of Saratoga; for Lictüenant Govoniyr, Gcorgo t -om, uf iN'i.vv York. Mr. BeUvan dcclined he honor.I ' .lelilí A. Col litis. foMiici ly ilic leader ol i Skniioaiölea Communhy, Ñ. Y., whieli dilf iUd all roligión, lint, bien coiivcrtcil anl ís iíow lt cdiior ol a Whig paper in Ohio. He tliinke K hus liud %a most tfohmble experípiice' T un l'jJ .Mr. (íiddings is a Candidato lor re ekciion uj C'ongrcsd. (