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Anti-slavery Voting: For The Signal Of Liberty

Anti-slavery Voting: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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u is argueu oy somc, "n navo no nglit to "" 'c on tlus qucsliön, for slavrry wan hundcd WD 10 usfrorn British authoriiy. .-nul tHtfbtacks vfl always been considerad the propcrty of ilic uncís ever aiiice; and ilic pcogpny p( tho Alui race aro held n perpetual bqridnge. I ask. by whai ntnliorily nro wö roquired to ld the rightof 8offrnge ? i( we have no ri"ht th vote at all. wc liave n right to vote tor uhrMn ) pienso. And if ilio Lords of England had rigiit to email upon?s, perpeiun! loyaliy, tlicn Of sy had no right to bind tho Afriams 'm férvido to their task mostcs. And If our lathers d á right to rebel ngninèl tho Öraian ; then tin)Uiliern s'nves liavo n. rijjlu lo rchrl aainst the jfrr which dprives them oí tlieir freudoin. - B wisii pohticians to think of these ihings. Ainl, wir ilrcm to show us onc argUQiefïi favor of the Revoliuion ii they can, which wmI , it apply witi equol ïo'cc, in fovor of the abolim oislovory. But I have n word to say toall ■ oMaverv inen ns Chrisliuis, upon this subject: ■ ui I wish soine man would t.ikc the truuble to rrect me if 1 am wrong, and answer iny ini'nies, eithcr by letter dircctly to me, or through t-, e press. I'lio Bibïc informs us. (hat God hath made of , ie blooil all nuliuns of men to dweil on all i. e fuco of the eanh. Are not ilie Africaus on .' Our Doclaratiun of Tndrpcndenco declares. All men nrc created eqiul, and endowed wiih Mtain inaUenablo rights," &c. And the Gieat Teacher .said, ''Thereforc, all lings whatsoever ye would tliat men should do nto yrtu, do yo even so to thein, for thisis the L iw and tho prophets." Christians ! Will you v link of these things T W'ouU! you like to havo (lic African race, rise , p against yon, and forcé you from yo-ir homes nd cüuntry, nnd bind vou into perpetual slavery, nd ihen entail perpetual &erviiude upon your c flspring? Would yor, ii you were alrendy [ lavtiJ. teel satisfied 10 sco oihers about ymi. sil tlding thcir hands wiihout using an oilort fot s our relie ? So long as slavery exisis. hov can „ on practico the golden rule? Ilow c;iu ye rju'el t our conscience8, whon yo read tho Christian's L uty, to "looae the bands of wickedness. to undo , lie heavy burdens, nnd let lbo oiiprcssed go free , nd ihat ye break cvery yokc ? llow con yé [ jstify the Ites'olulionary Patriota for throwing il' the yoko of liritish tyranny. whilo y e bind a ( eavier yoke upon the necks of the poor A frican? , 'lr:s;ians (hink ! nnd think too, liiat '-wiih , ihat uieaKiire ye niele, i shnll be nieasurcd unto t ou ! Ciiristinns, rcfti'Ci ! "The rcward of o , an'd hands shall be given hini." ,