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The Steamcr Caladonia arrived at ] Joston on the 18th, having left Liverpool, Uigust the -Ith. ThcreisbutliUlc news, ( "ive columns of Wilmcr and Smith's Vmes are occupied with the account of 'rince Albekt's visit to Liverpool. Tlie dull monotony of the long sesion now drawing to a close, has been rcievcd by two nights' business on the sujar dutieo. The following synopsis is made up rom Wilmcr & Smith's Times of the ld. The government sclicmc has triumph d hy a nmjority of 2ü5 - ncarly two to ne. The rcsult virtually abrógales the nonopoly, and places sugar in the same :ategory as corn, by an easy declcnsion m the high road to free trade. Sir Rob;rt Peel gave the minisler's measure a jenerous support and the greatness of hc majority may be traccd to that circum;tance. Ofcoarse all fears of an immeliate changc are at an end. The sosion will be wound up, and in the present einpcr of partios, the y may go to the ioIIs before Parliament meets again with i fair chance of success and a long con:inuance of oilk-e. Attempt to kijll Lours Pjulliite. - riierc has been another and a seventh ïttempt on tlie life of Louis Phillippe. [ie was shot at on the 29lh uit., while sitLing in a balcony in the Garden of the Tuillieres. Tlie assasin was arrested. The elcction for the deputicsthroughout Franco, was on the eve of tak ing place at the date of our last advices. The nomination in the bureaux took place on the lst inst. The papers are occupied with electioneering discourses and the proceedings of political meetings. It was regarded as almost certain that there would be elected a larger majority in favor of the present ministry than in the late ch amber. The King and Quecn of the Belgians werc on a visit to Queen Victoria in England, as were also the Grand Duke and Grand Dutchessof Mccklenburg - Stretliz. The King of the Belgians held a diplomatic levee at Buckingham palace, in London, on tlie lst inst. Prince Louis Buonaparte, Ex-King of Holland, died at Lcghorn on the 25ih uit., in the 68th year of his agc. The baptism of the third daughtcr of Qucen Victoria and Priuce Albert, nained Hctcdi Uguste Victoria, was solemnized on llie 15th uit.IMPORTANT FROM THE PACJFÍC. California dcclarcd independent of Mexico. In the Kingston, Jamaica Journal, of the 26th tíu, wcfind an anide copicd from the Dwpátcb f the saine ciiy, which begins, - "lmporianl rom tlic I'iicific," and goc on to my : " Wc learn on 'Oud auihori'y tlint accounts rröughi liy II. B. Majtbiy'a brig DiHrtg tinëmee ihc m porufci l'act tlu; inhafiitanis of p por Ciililornia had prononnced tlicmsclvcs g H'iidcnt ol' íMi'ak'ii. .md iliiccl ihsmselvea ti) ilic prorocuon oí liie Uniícd .States. „g. Jt ís snd iIiíh in conseqiicnce ul tli;so tiiovcntsol the Cíilifuiiiiitiio, thcoílicor in eoinijiant] tho American squadron lioisiud tlic U. S. flag - this poriiou o' liio Mexiean tciritory. Vicé Scyuíour liad proceeded to tlie souil (or C( purpoBOi it asaid, ol cnüccting his squadron, , .1 wc should imagino tlmt ;i colhsiuii must be iiusi inevitable." - th E AST liXDIES. Cai-cuiia. Juno 1, Jíü. W Tlio most nppalling accounts hnvo just been ;civcd of ihe dcsirtiction of lile c.iuscd by a S1 rifle kurrienne al Loodinn, whícbi in thc Jlt jht of the líUth Mfly ble w clown the wholeof 3 barrncUs. nine rangea, bnrying in their rnins j-, nrly iha wliole of lior Mnjosty's 50lh régimen', wlnini were dug out 50 men, J4 women, and i children, nnd wounded 126 men, 4 women, SÍ (1 five oliildinn; total, 84 killed and 135 wouiul tf ; men wero stil l missing. This dreadful rm of dust, wind, rain, thundor, and liglitning. mmenced abont G P. M., and llcw wiih a vioicc wliich can onlybo concoived by llio I, and almost imtnedinte result. Tho barrnck d ihe Gth company fell íirst, and in fivo minutes J e wholo of the oilier barracks vere levellcd n ith the ground, crusliinj; to rlenth nnd wound g '21: uufortunatc heings. Tlieso barracks woro nlt with unbaked bnck9. It' any tliing wére jnting to aggravatc the horrors of this j' ie, it wouid lo found in tho fact that theso sufrers wcre tlic survivors of the late bloody vicríes; and that it wns while reposing alter thc ilsof n glorious camiaign, or recovering inan 1' )F[ital the strengt!) which hsd well nigh sunkf ? iat thc reninnnt of this ''ficrec and formidable q ld regiment" of tho península was crushed nder ihe bricks and bcanis oí' a dilapidated barick. s SYRIA. ;, Eauthouakk at Smvkna. - At ten minutes u J o'clock on ihe evening of tbc2rth ultimo., the rhólo city seemed suddcnly to undulute, as it olling upon n heavy sea, and, tliongh there was ot a brcaih of wind, tho water in the bay was t o'ently agitated. The Windows rattled as i f i n a átrong gale, some doois wero burstopen, and í thers dashed to witli violence. Two minarete olonging to ono of the principal ínosques tunilod to the ground with a tremendous crash : J cveral sume hotises wcrc thrown down, and ' II the ptnérs had tlie wnlls rent and the roof 'j.e. Tho merchandise piled in the shops and ttirc-a feil down. mid the hcaviest pieces of furliture were every whcie overturned. Several ictsúii.s were killed, but tlio nunibcrs not cxactlíy ' .nown. AniDiigst thc lollering sheds ín thc 1 Jaznar great dam age wa done and considerable iropnrty dcstroyed. Tho motion was froin I lio lorthwest to the southeast. and coniinueti for lenr'ly a minute altuyether. Il was íolt most in he enVironé. Aboot che sanie time nlso there ' ras a seveie shock of èarthquakc in thc island f Myldcne. A prívalo letter fnmi Smynia süví hatitwould be impossüile to describe tlie , ::al consternation causod by tina dicudi'ul j h - lomeuoii.TURKEY. 'J'r .kkfa' Rkvoi.j tioni'kd. - Aii intelgcnt correspondent of tho Journal of 'Jommercc, writing from London, ' ís the "movement" of tlio lime in i nis partsof Europc, and that of Turkey n particular he presentsin the following nteresting light. This is indeed a '' jluiiuiijthough bloodless and tranquil: - J The Popo having entered the lista asa i eformer will not surprise you more than ] :o lind that ihat the Grand Turk has done he same. Föf the first time in tho annals of the dyna.sty, the Sultan of : ey has paid a visit to his Asiatic dominions, and on his return received the con2;ratulalions of the arnbassadors to the Porte. This is the first instunceon record of Üie corps díplóftiaííqúc having had n audience en rñássé with the Imperial Soereign of Turkey; and by way oí" howing still farther innovation, his Maesty receiveu their excelleucies in the sla te-room, to which they were ushered, And remained standing during the whole üf their visit. Education is to proceed in Turkey with giant strides. 20,000 schools are to be forthwith established throughout the country, and anormal school for teachers is to be insliluted at Constantinople, unilerEmir Pacha, who was educatcd at ihe English University at Cambridge, whcre lie look high degrecs for raathematics and classics. Another circymslance, without precedent in modern listory, is the facl that the Sultan, on his return from his tour, went to the Sublime Porte and made a report to the Vizier, as lo the condition of the provinces he had visited, issuing orders tbr their future better governmeut. - Among olher things he declared that he had abolished all custom duties at Adrianople, Broussa, Koniar. and Tökat, and then went on ín the l'ollowing free trade style: "As it has been acknowledged at all times that dulies on food, provisions and caltle, are extremely prejudicial toagriculture and commerce, we order, in consequence, after having collected all necessary information on the subject, that henceforth all duties of the kind, nilecting the city of Constantinople, shall be entirely abrogaled, and that this act shall come into effect from the date of the lst day of next Marcii." The Imperial Solyman, you will pcrccive, is becoming a good Cobdcnite, and now he has only to give a cheap postage, to aid him in carrying out his reforma and rendering thetn eiTective. There is onc point more in the diameter of this reforming Moslem which will enlille him to and öectire for Him the gratitude of the whole C binst ra n world. - You have alrcady had some powerful details in your columns of the persecutions of the Armenian Protestants, and all i!iev have suiïered from the excommunication of their bishops. A Vizerinl letter to the Pacha of Erzeroum says that the Proreslant faith has spread in some degreo among the Anneniaas - particularly at Conslanlinople. They had been analltematized by the Patriarch, and thereby njured in their trade and business, and sbliged to close their shops. The Sultan had forbidden tlm primate 50 to act at Conslantinople, and the sftmo aw must be eniorcedat Erzeroum. The rmenian primates are "not to bc sufered in any way to prosecuteor interlerc vith tlio :onvcrts wheo engagt'd 1 theirades andcbjTímerce." Ilis oxcelloncy íinolly ordorod "to prolect and delend o 011). "