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Congressional Deadheadism

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" I cannot save any of my salary," said Senator Lamar to your con-espondent. " It is imposible. I never paid a cent boyond livery hire and a few little kindred items of election expenses, in my life, and I have been in politics a long time. I could save f 1,000 a year if I would do certain things, bnt I do not think my conscience would be satisiied if I did. For instance, I pay about SvJOO u year lor newspapers. I like to read them. I have passes over railroads. I could travel all over the United States free. But I pay my fare. It costs me 57 apiece fare for my family every time I come and go between here and home. I have telegraph passes. I never use them. I do not think it would be right. I can send anything I please over the expresa lines, yet I pay my express bilis. I spend my salary and novcr have any money. Sonie Senators use all these privileges of deadheading, und they say it is right. I think othwwise. But there is one thing that I think should be done, and I shall propose it as soon as I get a chance. Every Senator should have a private secretary. He has more correspondence, committee work, etc, than he can do. And each Senator should be allowed a private secretary. The Senator gots $5,000 a year, and cannot support bis family in keeping with his position and employ a private secretary on that sum." The conscience of this Senator should be cmbalmed. If you were here and saw a car-load of deadhead on the street-cars when Oongress adjourns you would be disgusted. They haul out cards and give their llames each time to save 5 cents. I paid my fare one day, and the conductor told me it was the only fare he got, though the car was crowded, and I was standing on the rear platform. The i cur was full of Congressmen. This incident is a faot tliat the people should know. - Washington letter in firook lyn Vnion-Argus.


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