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Killing Grizzlies

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Several weeks ago, in tlie neighborhood of Hettenshaw, in this county, a remarkablo beai--hunt occiu'red. It appears that Dr. Stanley, while on a visit to Hettcnsliaw, expressedan earnost desire to go bcar-hunting ; and accordingly one morning he started, in company with Green French, George Burgess, and .To Liglitfoot. Arriving at a thiekot, the doga gave notice of tlieir near approacli to boar, and the party decided to station themselves at certain points and let the dogs go in and drive the bear out. This was done; bui the doctor, becoming impaticnt, entered the thicket himself. The lieavy undergrowth made his progress slow, but he fought hia way ahead until he carne to a fallen tree lying in a little guleh. Helping himself along by the limba ho arrived at the upper end just in time to be confronted by a hu ge grizzly boar. Ketreat -was inrpossible, as it liad been Í with the utmost difficulty that the docI tor had advaneed so far : there was no ! treo in eonvenient distance, and," as the grizzly showed flght, there was nothing left for him to do but shoot. Taking delibérate aim with his Henry rifle, the doctor fired and the bear feil mortally wounded. Another load was sprang from the magazine into tke rifle, and the doctor, looking toward his prey, was surprised to see a second beur in the same spot. Tliis he shot also, and, quickly reloading, was yet more astonishcd to see a third bear in the same place wherë he had shot the other two. Again the lever moved and a fresli charge went into position, and again the doctor looked up and discoved a fourth grizzly coming toward him from the same opening in the brugh. Whang, went the gun again, and down went bear No. 4. By this time the doctor had got warmed up and excited, and he kept moving the lever and firing into the bodies of the bears until the sixteen shots in the magazine were exhausted. Meantime his companions, hearing the shooting, and presuming the cause, made their way to where the Doctor was, witli the intention of assisting him, but foimd him on top of the largest bear, wih the others strewn about, swinging his hat and shouting lustily. One was an immrase grizzly, so largo that the hunters j conld not handlo Hm, and the other three were good-sized grizzlies, proba! bly about 2 years old. The shooting of four bears by one man, without ever changing his position, is something hitherto unheard of, even in the most hifrhlv-nolorp.d nrmnlft nï Wpstp-rn O 1


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