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Clocks And Watches!!

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JSo rriíE Subscribcrlias just c6- receivocl, (nnd is con"M?ji sinntly receiving) froni S ml'KL iNTcw Y'ork on elegant ar il I 'Jriwa wo"' 6eh-ctcd osiortmeni Jeweiry, Clocks, Watclies, Vc. &c. whicli lu]uiüi)(Js 10 sell nslnto ns ai aiiy i hor establishment iliis siile ot Bóllalo (orreadi wij onhj nni.Mig wiiicjr niay le l'ound thelollow w: n euöd nssoruncnt o! (rold Finger Itings. Oi)ld lJronsl ]in$.Wrisilcts Guurd Chains aiu! Kcys. yüver Spuon, Gurmnn Si.lvor Te Bnd Tabjii Spoons (Orst (ii;iliiy.) Srivfct inri Cernían do Sugar Tongs, tíilver .S.ilu M usinrd and Cicam spoons. Btittcr Koivcs, Colciand Süvcr PóncM Cases, (Jol'! l'ens. ' ; IVnci's, Silvcr :ud Germán Silver Tlnnibles. Sil ver Spcciacles. Gcnunii and Siei-I do. Goggles, ClbJlrti. IJair and Tooi h Bríáhes, Lailicr Brushos, ltazors nnd Pockci Knivcg. Fine ShCar? and Scissors, Knivcs and Porks, Brittannia 'l'ca l'otsand Caslors. I'l;itt'o; lïuiss. and Briitaniii Cnndlestieka, tínuílcrs .V. Tiays, Shavinjr boxesnnd Soapsr, Clinpman'a Best Rozor Sirop, Calfand Morocco Walleis, Si'k and (,'oiion purse-s. Violins and Bows, Viol'n and Uass Viol Strfiics, FIuicp, Files. Clarioneis, Acimi dcons - Music Books ior iho same, Motto Scn8. Stoel Pens nnd nve.ezcrs, Pen eases. SnaflTand 'l'obaeco boxtv, Ivory Dressing Combs. Side and Hack mid Pock' et CombtiL Neodlccases. Htoleiioci, Water Paints nnl Brosnes Toy Wutclirs, a rent vnriety of Dúlls. in short ;he grtaiMt variety of loys ever brouiil 10 tiiis fnörkei, I'.incy work bo-c.. children's rea scus. Coloanc Mair Oils. Prtleliing Salts. Couri Plas'er. Ten Bells. Tliermometcrs. GernrariPipee, W'ood Pcncik BRAGS AND WOOI) CLÓGKS, &c. in faot almost evo.ry tliing to piense ilie fanoy. Ladies and Gentlemen, cnll and (Wamine tor youreeivcs. Cioeks. Wjnchcs and Jpwélry repairod aml wananii'd on nliort noliee. Sliop at his old stand. oppobiio-II. Bcckcr't brick Storo. CALVIN BLISS. N. B.- Cns), pnid for old Gold & Süver. AIso Pcrr;s Dook Store in the same room. Aun Arlor. hiU lst.1816. 271-ly