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An Eagle Carries Off A Pig

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Por several days past the resident farmers in the northwestern portion of this county have marked the presence of an eagle skimming the heights in their neighborhood, and a Mr. Stringer, a Tarrant county knight of the gun, anxious to capture this king of birds, shouldercd his fowling-piecc yesterday morning and laid for the bird on the open prairie, at a point about two miles northwest of the town, where a sraall herd of young pigs were innoeently grazing on Lhe green sward. The bird camc soaring along, and when a point had been reached noarly perpendicular to the head of the swine, as it were, the old " National " swooped down and around the surface of an imaginary pyramid, and, sinking its talons deep in the : interior of a thirty-pound pig, started j heavenward. The ascensión was tedioua and slow, and gave ampie time for Stringer to draw a bead, and when a height of thirty or forty feet had been reached ho baDged away and bored a hole clean through our American monstrosity. The pig and eagle tumbled tolerablv well together to the The Russo-Turkisli deflnitivo Treaty, signed a few days since at j nople, declares, is all previous treaties between these two powers have done, that the geutlest of gentle peace now exicts between the Czar and Sultan, and that those portions of the San Stefauo treaty not abrogated by the treaty ot Berlín are in foroe and possess full vitality. The most important (juestion, that relating to indrannity, is still unsettleil, the powers interested agreeing to enter into a separate convention on that subject. Servia, Montenegro, and Roumania are left to settle their scveral claims against the Porte as to them shall seem most meet.


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