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How io Kf.move Adhesive Plaster. - The portion of tho piaster which is left adhering to the skin may be quickly and completóla removed by the use of turpontine and sweet oil. Use a little inore than half turpentine. This compound, rubbed over the parts with a bit of eloth or sponge, and then washed oiï with warm soapsuds, will leave the surface as clean as nature over intended. Eukopean physicians earnestly wam parents against the use of the popular bab.y-oiirriage, in wliich the little ones sit faping the nursc, and are pushed backward. The natural desire of the eye is to draw nearer to what it sees, and the practice of reversing this normal order of things, and causing sur! rounding objects to reeede, is liable to affect injuriously tho development of both sight and brain. An Effective Eemedy fob Büens - Is salioylic acid, which can be procurod at almost every drug store. The method of preparation is to form an emulsión with olive oil, one part of the acid te sixteen parts of the oil. The ; mixture is to be painted over the ] ated surfacê twice a day. It causes a slight smarting when first applied, which ; soon passes ofl', and tlie effect is more benétfcial that tliat obtained by many otlier remedies. The Scienüfic American, in an article on diphtheria, has the following paragrapli : "As every physician knows, it is no unccmmon thing for adults to have diphtheria so mildly that it is mistaken for au ordinary sore throat resulting f rom cold, yet such a person can easily infect a ciiiïd, and the child becomes a center of malignant infection. In view of the fatal prevalence of j theria, tfeerefore, the kissing of a child upon the mouth by a person wiH a sore throat is hazardous, if not criminal; and scarcely less so is the practice of allowing children to kisa their ailing playmetes. It wóuld be wise to exercise great caution in this matter, if not to discontinue the practice of kissing upon the mouth altogether." Many medical journals wisely protest against indiscriminate kissing, espeeially of babies - i p ciist-nm which is verv common, but wliich wise motkers will endeavor to j check. Seven Oüees fob Neuralgia. - Amoug the hints for relieving neuralgia i we flnd the f olio win g afloat in the i papers : (1) Grate and mix horse-radish in vinegar, the same as for table purposes, and apply to the temple when the face or head is affected, or the wrist when the pain is in the arm orshoulder. (2) A lady who has been troubled with neuralgia in her head uses a bag of hot oats ri uiglit as a pillow. Sho "Heat the oats in a kettle over the fire, or in a pan in your oven. I have never been troubled with neuralgia any place but in my head, so I cannot say how beneficial it would be for neuralgia in other parts of the body. Another cure is drinking hot lemonade." (3) Apply equal parts of camphor, chloroform, aconite, and alcohol for neuralgia. It wil! relieve, and won't take the skin off either. (4) One of the simplest remedies for neuralgia is essence of peppermint. Bathe the part affectecl, keeping the nana jver it. It will burn and draw, but not blister. (5) Let Canada tiiistles be gathered for the purpose w-hen in blossom, and dried as other herbs. Turn büiling water on a qtiantity of tlie khistlcs, let steep five or ten minutes, turn out and sweeten to taste. Before drinking it íix for a sweat in a warm room, then drink of the tea while it is hot in large qnantities. Follow taking the tea for a few days and you will effect a cure; don't drink it hot after t: o sweat, but either warm or eold. (ö) Sal ammonia, half draclim, dissolve in water one ounce. Dose, one tablespoonful internally every three minutes. (7) Extract of gelsemin (yellow jessamine), fivo to ten drops, in about a table-spoonfql of water; three doses taken at intervals of an hour apart, not sooner, have relieved very severe attacks.


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