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Thirty Years A Stranger At Home

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Men may escape me juw, imu num own conscienees they cannot flee from. Many yeara ago a yonng man in tlus city was guilty of an offense ngainst the law, an offense which brougbt social ruin upon himsolf and his family. The rnnn and his oflVnse are forgotten by the public, yet he lives, and lires here in Boston. But, from the day his oftense was discovered- although, having escaped the law,he is free to come and go as he picases- he has never been secn outside of his own home in the day time. Sometimes, under the cover of night, he walks abroad to take an airmg, and note the etangea that thirty years have wrought, but an ever-ai'tive conscience makes him shun the light of day, and the faces of men, and he walks apart, a stranger in the midst of those among whom he has abvays Bostvn Transcript,


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