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New York is conceded to be indispensably neceasary to Democratie Buccess in 1880. With 138 southem electoral votes, 47 more ure required. The Empire state casta 35. Twelve more are needed. Indiana has fifteen enough to elect and three to spare. Besides there are Conneticut and New Jersey which Tilden carried in 1876, and are quite sure to go for a New York man in '80. The situation ia such that the candidature must go to New York, whtherit be to Tilden, deserving of vindication in being counted out in 187G, to Seymour, dearly embalmed in the hearts of the older rank and file of the party ; or, to Gov. Robinson, recently brought forward as an available candidate. The nomination of either would make New York safe, and with New York there woüld come - victory I Ben Butler said in the House on Priday that if a Confedérate soldier who was not wounded could have a place in the Cabinet, he did not see why a Confedérate soldier who was wounded could not have a pension ; and, he added, still more significautly, that the time might come when be would favor the pensioning of Confedérate soldiers. General Butler, on a platform of unlimited greenbacks and pensiona for Confedérate soldieis, would make a powerful Presidential candidate in the South. So that the time may come, sure enough ; but the pensions won't, or the Presidency either.


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