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John Sherman, secretary of the trea9ury has a Presidential bee in hia bonnet. He is not going to let Grant have the ncxt nomination without a coutest. 1 1 is triumph over Conkling has turned his head toward the white house, and pnblic patronage is being used to land him in that desired haven. His base of operations is inaugurated in the South where what remains of the Republioan organization depends alinost entirely upon office for existenoe. The official screw is being turned upon the office holding class who are expected to obey the edict of their superior at Washington. While we do not believe Mr. Sherman will stand any chance whatever of securing the nomination, first, because Gen. Grant is the coming man, and cond, Unió being honored by the present chief uiagistrate, it is ackno wledged tbat ho is a bold, unhesitating polit.:-,-l manager, possessed of extended experience in organizing campaigns, overseeing details with great care. The custom houses, post offices, Indian agencies, land offices, internal revenue offices, pension agencies, marsbals, district attorneys, and the great machinery by which the Government is administered, form the bases for operating John Sherman's campaign for the nomination. Whoever supposes this mighty leverage in partisan organization is to be deepised, and can be easily overeóme, must be a very indifferent observer of eveuts, or have an imperfect idea how the Republican party is controlled. Sherman is luister of the machine by which the Ecpublican organization is run, and he means to use it for his personal advanecment, no matter who niay etand in the way. The St. Louis Journal of Commcrce publishes interviews with about 100 leading busiae9s men, regarding the trade of January of this year as compared with the saine month of last year. A large proportion of those consulted, including representatives of every branch of trade, report a material increase of business, particularly manufacturera, some of whom show as much as 72 per cent. more in amount of sales. The National Democratie Committae in Washington have practically completed the organization of a resident Congressional committee to have charge of the details of the Presidential campaign. Senator Wallace, of Pennsylvania, has been made chairman. Morrison of Illinois, and John B. Clark of Missouri, have beenappointed members. It is expected the retuainder of the committee will be named. We are no admirers of the Chinese : neithor do we want them to cometo this country in any considerable nuuibers. - But so long as the Declaration of Independence stands, Congress resolves itself into a body fit only to be ridiculed by au attempt to pass a law to prevent these darkenhued specimens of the Oriënt from migrating to America.


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