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- rot. uineyot tno Universa j 3jjokb at Ypsilanti, Sunday. - Levant Brown of Hudson, Mich., addre8sed a mass moeting at Dexter, Sunday evening. - Dr. Cocker is announced as speaker to address the Red Ribbon club at the Opera House on Sunday next. - Milan's revival added about ninety names to the pledge. One place only in the village where liquor is sold and that limited to beer. - Mr. I. L. Witmyer of the Junior law class addressed the Rtform Club at the Opera Houae on Sunday afternoon and evening. Tkose present speak in high terms of both efforts. - When Mrs. Gertie Barnes wants to illustrate intemperance, lesulting from drinking eider, she takes a bottle of it, and with her little distillery, distills it into alcohol and sets fire to it. She did so in Manchester. - Watson Snyder, lute Probibition candidate for Governor, writes a letter to the Ypsilanti Commercial opposing a Local Option Law, and favoring a prohibitory one. Mr. S. wants what he surely will never live to see ; does not want wbat he might have, a law like unto that of New York, in which prohibition is enforced n a majority of tbe towns. - Tho Brfurin Club of tUis city bas been a retnarkably usoful and iiccessful organization. lts regular Sunday afterncon meetings bave been largely attended. Soino of tbe best speakers of this and other States have been secured and many huudreds bave signed tbe pledge. A minstrel troupe has been organized out of its members, which has given very acceptable entertaininents. Yarious dancing parties have been given, th'ough with some inisgivings on the part of somo, which have been carefullyconducted and dono well, tho proceeds of these and of tho minstrel concerts being turned into the common treasury. A choir has also been formed and trained by Mr. Alvan Wilsey, whicb supplics the musio for the afternoon meetings. Just uow a series of socials are projocted, to be tnanaged by the ladies, and froin which it ia hoped to realize soniething to go towards the erection of a suitable buildng for tbe headquarters of the club bat it is hoped to erect at no distant day. Next month tho club will celo)rate its anniversary with a series of neetings running through a week. Thus t will be seen that Ann Arbor boasts of one of the most active and wide awake clubs in tbo State, and it is also boped, oue of the most usefnl. - Cor. Puit and Tribune.


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