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Real Estate Transfers

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Andrew J. Shevely to Luther James. 00 acres in Northfield for $941. Luther Jarues to Jame3 Walsh. 200 acres in Northfield for $1,022. Margaret Sage to Edward and James Walsh. Land in Northfield for $600. Salem Harper to Egbèit Harper. 120 acres in Lodi for $500. Alonzo Harporto Egbert Harper. 120 acres in Lodi for $500. Kobert Harper to Egbert Harper. 120 acres in Lodi for $500. Geo. M. Harper to Egbert Harper. 20 acres in Lodi for $500. Jacob Tretnper by heirs to Maria J 'reinpor. Land in Scio for $3,000. Alphonso Bruudage to Nelson Brundage. Land in Northfield for f 1, WARItANTY. Frank Fenker to Frederick Furthmiller. 57 acres in Lodi for $3,050. Wellington D. Smith to Martha Sheehan. Land in Ann Arbor for .$4,000. Alfred L. Piorce to Abner G. Lane. Lind in Ann Arbor for $2,000. Conrad Schneider to Frank liuck. Land in Ann Arbor for $1,650. G. Edwin States to Cornelia H Keudall. 75 acres in Sharon for $3,750. Simon H. Gay to Chas. Gould. L-ind in Milan for $75. Geo. W. Wilson to Chas. C. Wilson. 5 acres in Bridgewater for $150. Cornelias Cornwell to John Sanders. Land in Tpsilanti city for $650. Abram Mathews to Dewitt C. Mathews. 1-4 acre in Ypsilanti city for $125. Oramell W. Holt to W. and E. Bird. Land in Augusta for $1,000. Henry Vinke to McElcheron and Audrews. Land in Ypsilanti city for $2,500. Deborah Wood to Newton and Susannah Sheldon. Land in Ann Arbor i'or $2,000. Catherine Sealey to Mariou Miller. 5 acres in Sylvan for $424. J. G. Haber to John Geo. Wahr. 39 acres in Lodi for $1,270. Amos T. Fifield to Mary E. ïooker. Land in Ypsilanti for $600. Goodspeed and Kavanaugh to Nelson Brundage. Land in Northfield foi $150.