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J.0 a uorisiaeraole exteni toe excitemun t of two weeks ago arising over uiatters connected with the University, has abated. It is no longer the chief topic of conversttion atuong the people of the city, although, a recoinmittal of the case to the newspapers that champion the pros and cons of the question serves to revive ocoasionally the embers of enmity. Lest the silenoe of the Arqus upon this conflict of opinión between the residen ts of the city may be misconstrued, it is porhaps proper for the editor to say, that, ce ining araong its pooplo a stranger, he is necessarily without a correct knowledge of the merits of the controversy. Should thia paper champion oither side, uuder the circumstances, the imputatiou would be promptly made that its conductor was unduly enced. We can not believe that any citizen of Aon Arbor holds tbe welfare of the University other than near his heartIt is too essential to the growth and prosperity of our city to permit of any differences of opinión in its management. All ought to woik in unisón to promote its success. Let us hope that u the future there will arise nothing to iiinder it froin raoving onward in its career of usefulness as one of the best institutious of learning extant.


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