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THE EAST. A frightful catastrophe is reported from Somervillo, Mc. Ephriam Hystor and hia wife lof t home in the forsnoon to do eome trading, leavine their three children, aged 4, i.'1.( and 8 niontlis. ulone at liomo. By ome mearis tho liouse eaught firc, and, before aid arrived, the building wiöi the oontents was dostroyed, the three children perishiug in the flamea. The Knights of Labor is the name of a new secret society ia the I'ennsylvania coal regiems, whioh is intended to take the place of the Mollie Maguires. The Catholic priests havo arrayad thern-elves iu opposition to it TUE WEST. TnE commanding officer at Camp Sheridan tclegraphs the particulars of tho massacro of Frank Moorohead, Jamea Ashbaugh and two others on Gunning Water, by Little Wolf'a Cheyennes, who also took a large mimber of horses from ranches. At Kansas City, Mo., a few days ago, while forty workmen with four teams were engsged in exiavating a track for the Chicago and Alton railroad, tho doep cut in wliich they were werking caved in, burying them under ,00Ö yards of earth. Bix of the uufortunate men wore killed, and several others received various injuries. Chakles McGill was hanged at Cleveland, Oliio, on the 13th inst, for the coldbiooded murder of Mary Kelley, in December, 1817 - The Northwestern Dairymen's Association has just held ita annual session iu Chicago. The meetisg was an interesting oue, and as largcly attendod A dispatch from San Jone, Cal , says a ñre-damp explosión in a tunnel of the Southern Coast railroad, near Alma, iujnred fonrteen men. Nine Chinamen will die. One man was killed and several severely injured by the explosión of a small steamer on the Mnskingum river, between Zanesville ai:d Marietta, Ohio Hon. Solomon Blair, exJndgc of the Superior Court of Indianapolis, and t'hainnan of tho Indiana Republican State Central Committee, died at Indiacapolis, last week. THE SOUTH. A National conference of colored citizens will bo held at Nashville, May tl. The object of the conference is statod to be " to coneider tbc situation of the eolored people in the South relativo to the enjoyment of hfe, liberty and property; aleo their educational, moral, social and political condition, and the question of emigration." Reports corne from Tennessee and Missi8sippi that tho yellow fever bas again broken out in those States, and that several dcatha have occurred. It is believed that the dieease has been caused by the diainterment and removal of bodiej of 'persona who died from the discase. Tliese cases indícate that the germ of the fever was not killed by the reoent severo weather, and oréate great uneasinesa aa to tho consoquencea next slimmer Thomas S. Drew, elected Governor of Arkausas in 1814 and re-elected in 1850, died reeently in Texas. United States Judge Baxter, of Tenuessee, has appointed a receiver to take charge of thoeffectsof the late city of Memphis, inolnding taxea unpaid, amounting to nearly $,(Xt),(WO, with power to sue, andeollect in auy way, by garnishment or othorwïse. Tue steamer A. C. Donnelly was recontly burned in the Misaisaippi river below Cairo. Several of the paasengers were crippled in the rush to escape from the burning orift GENERAL. Contbary to popular belief, the American Indians are not decreasing in numbers, but are actually growing in population. Official at&östics at Washington reveal thie curioua fact The mout important railroad oewa of the day ia that which announces the le&ee of tho Atlantic and Great Western line by the Erie Compan}'. Canada lias just been enjoying the coldest weather of the seaaon, the mercury biing frozen at many points. H' The New York authorities are taking mcaures to prevent the spread of whatever cattle diaease may be found there. The mixing of healthy berd with thoae showing any indication of disease is prohibited, as is the use of infected stablcs or yarda. Diseased cattle are to be quarantiued or tnrned over to the scavengera. WASHINGTON. The proposed reduction of the tax on tobáceo, treasury officials estímate, will lessen the anmial revenue about $0,000,000, and it is said that tboir intiueuce will be used to Induce the President to veto the measure should it pass Congress. The President lias appointed Horatio C. Burchard, the present member of Congress from the Fifth district of Illinois, to be Director of t1 e Jlints, to fill the vacancy occasioned bv the deatli of Dr. Linderman. Of the $15,000,000 of fractional curreney issued, Diere remains outstanding abont $ll,O00,00O, of which about $2,000,000 is 3 and 5 cents. It is now estimatod that there will ultüiutcly be redeeraed only $4,000,000 of the ♦16,000,000, leaving $12,0()0',000 as nrofit to the Government, that amount being lost or deskoyed. Of the $45,000,000 of fractional paper cu rreney issued by the United States, there remaius outs'antling about SI (,000,000, of which amount about $2,000,000 is in : and 5-cent pieoeo. It is now estimated that there will ultimately be redeemed only $4,ÜW,(i00 of the $!(i,000,000, leaving $1:,000,000 as the profit to the Government, tliat amount being loat or deetroyed. POLITICAL. Gen. Gabfield positively declines to be the Itepublican candidate for Governor of Oliio. This, it ia claimed, enhances the chances of Judge Taft, of Ciacinnati It was resolved, at a caucus of Eepublican Senators in 'Vashington, on the 12th inst., that Mr. Edmunds' eonstitutional amendment, prohibiting the payment of dhloyal claims, shall be pushed to tiual action at this Aï a caucus of the Kepublican members of the Michigan Legislatura, held on the 13th inst, Zachariah Chandler waa nominated on the first ballot for United States Senator to succeed Mr. Christiancy, receiving Ö9 votes to 19 for Gov. Bagley..'. .At a caucus of the Kcpublicau Senators, held at Washington on Feb. 13, it was decided that the Appropriation bilis should be giveu the rightof-way ín the order of busines, and, in the intervals, that the following measurea should be considercd in the order uamed : Edmunds' resolntiona proposing an amendment to the constitution prohibiting the payment of claims to dieloyal persons; secoBd, the Geneva Award bilí; tliird, a day for the consideration of bilis roportoi from the Coinmittee on the District of Columbia; fourtli, the consideration of a bilí to rendér effeetive the laws agiinst polygamy, and to disqualify polygamists from performiñg juiyduty; iifth, the Interaal Revenue bill, including the reduction of the tax upon tobáceo. The Democratie Senators, at a caucus held on the 14th inst., decidod that it would not be expedient to do more than to attach to the appropriation bilis the clause repeaüng the juror' tost oath, and as to the other matters that tliey can be postponed until tlio regular Hi-ssioi). The Chairman of the caucus, Senator Wallaee, was directed to cotify the House Democratie caueus of this decisión. Thia removes all (langer of an extra session. rORKIGN. The news of tlie disaster to the British aras in South África caused a great sensation througbout England. A court of inquiry has been orclered to collect evidence regarding the affair. It would seem that the troops were enticed from their camp, as the action took place about a mile and a quarter outeide of it. It is reported from St. Petersburg is almost paralyzed by the great strike The Gorman Pariiament, at its meeting on the 12th iiiKt., was opened by the old Emperor in person. In hiBïpeech, he doclared that Germany would ■ r.e its influence for the preeervation and contimianceof peace inEurope. The English Pariiament reconvened Feb. 13 - Ex-President Grant arrived at Bomb:iy, India, on the 13th inst A 8L Petersburg dispatch eays that, since the thaw set in, the immber of tho plague-striekcn at Zantzin has inereased Prof. Jacobi, ]lead o( the Medioal Commixsion ont intu the infectad district, Isan been attacked with tlie diaease and waH rarae at laBt accounts A rovolutioñ has broken out ia Hayti Negro disturbances of an alarming charaeter have occurrcd in the islaud of Kt. Vincent. Italy is more pauic-strickon bj the reporta of the plague than countriee ne&rer RuBSia, 'J'hf! liue of Bteamers Ijotween Italy and Egypt has been discontinued, and the importationof Egypöan cott.m ia prohibited A eablegram from London says: "Edwrd O'Kelly, tliv last of tho Faniaa pria, waa to-day discharged from 8pike UUud prison, ia tliis harbor, on condilion that he left the British islee. ITe aailed immediatclyfor New York." London dispatches state that the British defeat in South África " was not altogether a surprise. The British troops were unproparod, but the triumph of the Zalus was owing to tlieir rtluck as well as numbers. Fifteen thousand Zulns, armed witli swords, attaoked thoBritiwl]. Undor a mnrderoufl Bnti&h flre the Znlus at first feil by humlredy, but the plucity savagos in the rear, coming on, lillecfup the gaps and the vast horde still advauced untü within charging diatanee, when they rnshod in with desperate courage for a death etruggle Enonmbered with loiig ritles and being outnumbered ten to one, the British were etriokën down by the Zaina with their Human blades in a hand-to-hand coinbat. The scène was a wild orgio of doath - a massaere, vet a battlo. " The powers, rejjlyiug to Russia, reeognize Koumania's right to Arab-tabia, while regretting lier hwty oooupatioa, Eussian newspapers are compelled to suppreBS un favorable plagie news, under pain of being themselvea suppressed The application of the Socialist law to radioil memberfl of the Gorman Parliment is about to begio. Permission was asked of tlie Chamber to arrest and proioeut one oT tho Socialist deputies for violation of tibe law. THE BI.ATNE INVESTIGATION. Gen. Eeüben E. Davis, defoated Greonback candidato for Congress at tho late elootiou in Mississippi, testiSed before the Teller Coinmittee, at Washington, on the 12th inst. He said he was at first informed he had been elected, but was afterward toid Muldrow w;ih successful. Senator Garland of tho commiitee, called the attention of witaess to his testimony before the Boutwell Committeo in 1S7(. The witness said he indoreed every word he then utterod. He had aaid the iiadicals were bulldozers, and they operated on negroes by superstition, threateniiig to put suakes and lizards into them. The Democrats now are obnoxious to what he then said of the ltaxlicals. The white man could not vote in the South againet tlie Democracy without being ostracised. William Vasser, a white Repnblioan politiciau, teBtiüed to being bulldozed and intimidated in the late eainpaigu, and thought, on a fair vote, Mississippi would go Hepublican. At a meeting of the Teller Committee at Washington, on the löth inst, J. H. Field and W. W. Humphreys, of Mississippi, were examined in reference to the recent election in that State. Both tostiiied that it was conducted fairly and peaceably, tbough actively and energeticallv: that iiobody was prevented frora voting, and tliat tbere was no disposition to deprive tho colored man of any of Iris righb, exoept, perhaps, on the part of a few extreme men. Messrs. Hoar, McMillan, JCirkwood, Garland and Wallace were constituted a sub-committee to investígate the electiou-fund aMsesKmeitt. Tho committee then adjourned subject to the cali of the Chairman.


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