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Februaey 11.- In the Senate, a reeolmion was iulopted onlering the Committoc on Agricultnre to considcr what can be done by the Gt ueral Government to better encourage and foster agricultural intarests Mr. Cameron (Pa) submitted a joint resolution providing for a coniinission to consider and report what legislation is needed fot the better regulation of commerce among the States. In the House, the entire day was devoted to the consideration of the General Approprialion bil!. Febbuary ia- In tlio Sonate, the Committee on Indian Aftairs reported that they wero unable to make a report at this session upon the Indian slanghter at Fort Eobiuson, and, at tlieir request the matter was referred to a select committee Mr. Siiuiiders addressed the fcenate in support of his bill n anthorlze the temporary trannfer of the control of cortain Jndians trom the Interior to the War Department. Tlie House was'engaged all day upon the Legislativo Appropriation bill. FfekuakyI:-?.- In the Senate, the bill anthorizing the conversión of gold bonds was passed There was a long debate on the bill to restrict Chinese imuiigration - Messrs. Sargent, Grover and Morgan advoeating, and Messrs. Matthews and Hamlin opposing the bill. In the House, the day was devoted to the Lcgislative Appropriation bill. and to memorial exercises of the late Julián Uartridge, of Georgia. Februaky 14.- The Senate consumed the day i in discussing the bill to restriet Chinese immigration, without coming to a vote. In the House, there was a wranirie over the bill, reported from the Committee on Military AftaiTJ by Mr. Bragg. to place Gen. Shields on the retired list, which was ended by the matter being referred to the committee of the whole. The balance of the day was devoted to the consideration of private claims. Febeuary 15.- Af ter a long and animated debate the Senate passed, by a vote of 88 to 27. the House bill to restrict the immigration of Chinese. . . . .Mr. Allison introduced a bill to provide a sinking fund for bonds issued in pursuanco of the act of Congress of June 20, 1874, known as 3.65 District of Columbia bonds.... i Mr. McPherson presented a petition of the New Jersey Historica! Society in fqor of erecting a monument to Christopher Colnmbus by the republics of the Western Hemisphere, and that the Uuited States take the initiative. The House was engiged all day ou the Legislative Appropriation bill. Febeuaey 17.- In the Senate, Mr. Windom preseuted a petition of colored people of Louisiana favoring the. passage of his resolution in relation to the migrationof blacks The bill to provide for the construction of a bridge across the Miseouri river at Decatur, Neb., was passed The Senate was engaged the whole alternoon and till 1 :SU o'clock at night in discussing the bill to amend the Internal IieveniTe law, the proposed reduotion of the tax on tobáceo eonBtituting the bone of contention The Senate ju executive sei-sion confirmed John F. Hartranft as Postmaster of PbiladelpMa, and A. Louden Bnowdea as Superintendont of the Phlladelphia Mint . . .The nomination of William Hys, to be Postmaster at 8t. Louis, was reported back from the committee without recoiumenc!:ition. the ronimittee being equally dividcil as to the advisabilily of confirmatloil. The House passed, under a suspension of the rules, the bill appropiiating $9fi,852,200 for the payment of the arreara oí pensions. ....Mr. Hale offered a resolution direcüug ! the Committee on the Judiciary to report a joint resolution proposing a coiistitutinnal mciidment to prohibit the payment of war claims except of persons loyal to the Union The Itiver and Harbor Appropriation bill was passed Memorial exercises of the lata Representativa Schleicher were held in the evening.


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