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Hero Or Suicide?

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That is the question about Casbier J. W. Barron, of the Dexter (Me.) Savings Bank, whose discovery, gagged, strangling and dying, in the vault of that institution, nearly a year ago, made such a great seiisation. Everything indii cated that he had acted the part of the : herp, refuaing to divulge the combination that would unlook the tveasures of I the safe to burglars even at the risk of j his own life. His praises were sung throtighout the land, banks in different parts of the country contributed a fund of some thousands of dollars for the benefit of his family, and a memorial church was being erected in the little j town where he had lived. But now, al] most a year after the event, comes the ! startling story that Barron, so lar from being a hero, was only another defaulter, who ingeiiiously devised all the aecessories to a sensational death sceno, and then took poison- in the hope of i thus seouring the credit of a martyr and warding off the disgrace of exposure. Thus far the whole affair is involved in niystery. That suspicious cliaracters I were seen in pexter iust before the tragedy is admitted, and that some of i the blows and jpoubcU Barron's body bore must have been inflicted by other hands than his seemsalmost certain ; on ! the other hand, a defalcatkm did exist. j Yet, even if Barron liad appropriated the $3,G00 reported missing, his standing was so high and the bank so far secured by a $2,000 insurance policy on his life, that there appears little motive for suicide. Certainly everybody will hope that the dead cashier's memory ; may be saved from such a pitiful fall as now threatens it. -


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