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Some Old Connecticut Cats

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Mrs. Lemuel J. Curtis had a cat "ever since it was a kitten " until Monday, when it breatlied its last. The cat Hvecl to the remarkable age of 21 years. For some years past it was on the retired list, having lost all its teeth. lts sight was somewhat impaired, and it was deaf. Death was the result of old age. There are other old eats in Meriden, but none that we hear of háve rcaohed the age of the one owned by Mrs. Curtis. Mrs. John Dreher, on Crown street, has two cats aged respeetively 18 and 14 years. The eider one wabbles about like an aged human mvalid. Both are great pets and well cared for. Mrs. Merritt D. Smith has a cat 14 years old. It is almost toothless, bnt age seems to makc no improvement in its docility, for it can scratch a strai7ger with as much pleasure as it


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