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Hon. E. B. Washbürne is traveling in Mexico. Brigham YotjHö's grave is guarded still, night and day. Conöressman Tucker, of Virginia, is troubled with incipient cataract in both eyes. James Gordon Bennett is coming hoine in time to play polo at Newport next summer. Elihu Bürritt, the learned blacksmitli, is in very feeble health at his home in New Britain, Ct. Fehdinard deLesseps, the projector and constructor oí' the Suez canal, has been offered the Governorship of Algiers. Miss Mary Lee, daaghter of Gen. Robert E. Lee, was eutertained at Gibralter by Lord and Lady Napier a few days ago. Legión MacD aniel died near Columbia, S. C, recently, agcd 120 years. He was a íslavo under the three Wade Hamptons. Wolfe Gillespie, who fought iinder Napoleon iit Waterloo, died in Americuk, Ga., a few days ago. His age was 91 years. The venerable Peter Cooper was made Doctor of Laws by the University of $ev York, on Feb. 13th, the anniversary of his 89th birthday. Stgnewall Jackson's old sorrel warhorse, which bore his master under the moou on the fatal night at Chancellorsville, is stil! living at the Morrison homestead, in Lincoln connty, N. C. 13. F. Jonas, the newly-elected United States Senator from Louisiana, will be the third Israelito who has occupied a seat in the forum. The others were David Yulee, of Florida, and Judah P. Benjamin, of Louisiana. George Eliot is said to be devoting all her time and energy to the completion of an additional work on the positive philosophy which Mr. Lewes lelt unfinished at his death, so that we need not expect many novéis from her for a while. Thomas Nast, the carieaturist, was recently presented with a silver vase by a delegation of army and navy officers at the residence of Col. William E. Church, in New York. The testimonial was subscribed by 3,500 officers and enlisted men. The Marquis of Lorne and Princesa Louise devote an hour to family devotions each evening, half an hour in the morning and a qiiarter of an hour at I noon. The Marquis reads from the Church of England service and the Princess responds. Sarah Maria Williams, who died six months ago, at Newburg, N. Y., threatened to haunt herhusband, and he died a few days ago from ghostly visits. A son of the dead man, with his family, has been occupying the house lately, ] but he is now forced to retire, owing to I unearthly visits. George F. Bobinson, who, as a private soldier, was on duty at the house of Secretary Seward on the night of April 14, 1865, when the Secretary was attacked by Payne, is being vorked into an army paymastership by Congressman Beebe. Kobinson was given a medal by Congress some time ago for saving Mr. Seward's life. Mrs. Elizabeth Leopold died in { Gramteville, S. C, the other day, at the age of 107 years. Around her grave j stood the only surviving son, a j haired, bent man of four score ; a grandohild of 56 years, several great-grandchildren over 40 years of age, a number of great-great-grandchildren, more than 't 25 years old, and some toddlers, greatgreat-great-grandchildren - five generations in all. James Calhoün, a brother of John C. Calhoün, still lives near Hawkinsville, Ga. While hunting on House creek, in Wilcox county, the other day, his dog snifl'ed a strange animal, which, when caught, rolled over and over, studied about in books of natural history and thoroughly pierced with exclamation points, proved to the dumbfounded Georgian to be nothing else I than a beaver. It weighed thirty-five pounds and made a fine barbecue.


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