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Wolf Playing 'possum

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Reuben Lowry, of Andcrson county, Kansas, was out hunting wolves one day duriug the snow. He got track of a wolf, and with his dogs foilowed to tho timber, where he overtook it, and the dogs and tho wolf fought in the snow. Unele Keuben, however, who was on horseback, managed to put a load of shot into the wolf. An old greyhound Iaid the wolf out on the snow apparently dead. Unole Reuben had strings attached to his saddle behind to tie game to, anii, lashing the carcass of the wolf to the saddle, he mounted for home. All uneonseious of any diflïculty, he awakened suddenly to the fact tbat tho wolf had been playing 'possum, and was viciously Biiapping and making vigorous efforts to get away from the thongs. Uncle Keuben, of course, could not get off the horse to kill the wolf, and was in imminent danger of being bitten where he was. He had the presenee of mind, however, to wuteh his opportunity, and grabbed the beast by the ncek in such a manner that it could not bite, and held it there until he got home, where his grandson killed it. - Garnett (Kan.) Journal.


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