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Real Estate Transfers

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CLAIM. Hiram Arnold to Escalala N. Green. Land in Ana Arbor for $1. Hiram Day to Eather Day. 62 acres in Ypsilanti for $500. Hiram Day to Esther Day. Land in Ypsilanti for $500. Wm. Beshaw to Richard Dwigbt. Land in Ilawsonville for $90. Mrs. Maria C. Ueckle to Fred. Wm. Hoeft. 25 acres in Lodi for $1,250. Sophia Thayer to Geo. D. Thayer. liind in Ypsilanti for $1. James b. Harper to Egbert Htirpw. 120 acres in Lodi for $500. Sobastian Finkbeinae to Fred. Finkbeinee. 80 aores in Saline for $1,000. WAERAIiTY. Geo. W. Cropsey to Auibrose Kearney. Land in Ann Arbor for $4,000. Luke Dake to Levi Dake. Land iii Salem for $5,300. Levi Drake to Eva G. Drake.' Lind in Salem for f 5,300. Norman L. Shutes to Isaac Welbon. 40 sores in Augusta for $600. John Clanoey to Celestia R. Coli y. Land in Ann Arbor for $4,000. Q. W. Wilson to Chas. C. Wilson. ó aores in Bridgewater for $150. S. H. Gay to T. & A. A. R. R. Land in York for $100. James F. Godfrey to Henry Fullington. Land in Augusta for $300. Délos Showermau to Edwin S. Butt. Land in Augusta for $800. Richard Dwight to Samuel R. Bumpus. Land in Rawsonviüe for $40. Lewis Colby to John Clanoey. Land in Ann Arbor for $4,000. John Clancey to Celestia R. Colby. Land in Ann Arbor for $5.000. Gao. Maulbalch to Jno. Geo. GerUch. Land in Northfield for #4,000. Fred. Egeler to Miohael Hindner. Land in Sylvan for $4,320. Theo. Taylor to Albert P. Jacobs. Land in Ann Arbor for $2,000. Asa Blaokney to Howard Erentt. Land in Sylvan for $2,600. Richard Roaoh to Weloh & Roaoh. Land in Northfield for $500. Go to McFarland to get your Dental work done. Prices to suit the times. - Whi te's premium teeth $5.00 to $10.00 per set. Pure gold filüugs, 75o to $1.25.- Gold and Platina alloy, orStanousgold, 50c to $1.00. Felt foil, 50c. Teeth ex.tracted without pain. No extra charge. All work fully warranted. Offioe over Tremaine's Drug store. , __ ,2-2t