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Profit On Teas

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It is generally understood that tea is retailed for a larger advance on its original cost than any other article in the long list of household stores. This high cost of tea is due to the pernicious practice in vogue umong Wholesale merchants of selling as "baits," a few leading articles at cost, and eharging enough extra on tea to raake a good average on the whole bill. The wholesale dry goods merchant who sells domestica to the retailer at cost, charges doublé nis average proflt on dress-goods, cloths, etc. And so, also, the wholesale grocer, who "baits" his customer with sugar at cost, as is the universal custom, obtains a doublé proflt on his teas. Sugars, and most staple groceries,are so e.isily distinguished by their appearance, or the brand of the manufacturera, that even small dealers can keep pretty well posted on their values ; but it requives close application and great skill, added to long experience and constant practice, to detect pure, fresh tea írom that which is mixed with the old erop of previous years, or adulterated with leaves of other plants used for that purpose by the Chinese.


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