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The 46th Congress

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Throughfftilure of tho Inte Congruas topass t wo important appropriation bills( a meeting of tho 46th Congreoshas boon oalled by tho president to cou vene March 18. Tho time botwoen March 4 and 18 is so short that a largo portion of the monibera will not return to their hornea, I spending the interval at some of the large cities of the east. For tho flrst time ín eighteen years both upper nnd lower brunches will be ander Democratie contral. Gradually the Republican toajority has weakoned until it haslostits power, and, probably, for all time in the Senate. Iu the Henate of tho Forty-fifth Congress thero wore thirty nine liepublicans, thirty-six Bemocrat8 and one independent. In tho Senate of the Forty-sixth Congress, as it will meet on the 18th, there will be fortytwo Deinoorats, thirty-two Republioans and one independent, uniese a Senator form Kew Hauipshiro is appointed by the Governor of that State to serve until a succeaaor to ex-Senator Wudleigh is j chosen by the Legislaturo. In this event thore will be three Eepublican Senators, whioh will be the regular strength of membors of that party with all the seats full. The Senate conetituting its own coramitteos, and about tourths of the old raembors oontinuing, it ia probable that a fuü list will bè made out shortly after the meeting of ihe new Senate. While there ig hope in somo qnarters that Demócrata may be beatun in the organization of the House, by a combination of Republicana and Groenbackers, hete is in our mind no need of fear Mt. Raridall will undoubtcdly bo agnin )laced iu tho speakor's chnir whero he has presided with greit dignity and bility. Wo hnve becomo used to the ossession of tho lower House, but it does seem somowhat atrange to hare control also, of the body at tho other end of the canitol. Charles W. Angel], having pleaded guilty to enibezzlement from the Pullman Pdlaco Cr Comp.iny, has been sentenocd to itcprisonmcnt for ten years. Tbo penalty is Gevere, but vile was tho treachrry whioh bronght about Angell's degradation from a respected social position and an office oí' trust and einoluiuent to the convict's garb and the prison cell. Mr. Pullman lifted Angelí to tho soeretaryship of a wcalthy Corporation, and Angelí reoompenwd Pullman'3 fostering kindness by robbing the corupany of over ono hundred thousand dollars. The crime was delibérate and premeditated, and there can be no regret that detection and retribution speedily followed. The pleuro pneumonía is leading to a practical blockade in the cattle trado England don't want our cattlo on account of pleuro-pneumonia; ana thtt Boston collector has been instrueted by the Secretary of the Treasury to prohibifc the landing of neat cattle from England because this same disease has broken out araong neat cattle at Hall. And now a distinguished veterinary surgoon advises the Western States to prohibit the importation of cattle from the east, for a like reason. The poor cattle, between them all, will be likely o spend the summer in quarantine. jonn itoaon aoes not own the Hoasfl of Kepresentatives: that much is oertain. 3is $2,000,000 subsidy scheme, for the enefit of his steamship lino to Brazil, mot its death in the Houso on Friday by the emphatic vote of 157 to 89. ThoEepublioan Senate attached this scheme as a " rider" to the postoffico appropriation bill. The Democratie Housp, truo to its prinoiple of opposition to subsidie and monopolies, bas stamped out the impudent schemo, and has oarned the thanks of the country in doing it. The taxpayers are in no mood to make John Eoaoh a present of $2,000,000 just at thia timo. It appeara there was a defieiency in the accounts of the late Oswego county (N Y.) treaauror during every one of the seven terms ho held tho offico. Ile began by taking ,Y2,000 and gradually increased the amount until tho defalcation reached $1 10,000. And yut, instead of adding to tho safo-guards provided I by the new county treasurers' law- enacting, for instance, that such officials shall bo ineligible for ro-election- tho legislature is busily passing bilis exBmpting vaiious countios from tho opsration of the present Btatute ! Now we will see if California secedes. Some of her citizens throatened an Occidental Ropublic if tho President vetoed the anti-Chineso iinmigration bilí. Notwithstanding the alleged dismemberment of the union, the executivo has dono what he believed bost. Unpleasant though it may bo to residents of the Pacific slopo to secure no relief against the arrival of Mongolians in the future, she will look back upon throats j of secession in the light of boyish pranks, Mhanied that she ever indulged. A groat many persons hare oxporincod changes in life sinco the panic of 1B73. Biit probably one of the greatest falla is that of Kobort Martin of New York city and ex-member of the stock exchango, who ten years ago was a milMonaire, and who in his prosporous days gave $100,000 at one time to the ohurohes of that city, was the other day arraigned at the bar of special sessions j br stealing a coat and shirt, for which he went to prisou for flve days. T&e time, Maren 4, havingarrivedfor he expiration of the present term of ongress, tho exodus of legislators, I yist3 and lookers-on must bewonderful o behold aboat these daya. It would require a long swearing train to conrey disappointed lobbyists of the Geneva award bill ; the defeated Itoach subsidy, Northern Pacific railroad and divers othM bilis designedto raid upon the [ ury. The Senate appropriations committee decided to includo in the aundry civil service bilí appropriations to reimburse the States of Virginia, Now York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Georgia for advancea made by them I to the federal govornment in the war of 1812. Tho total appropriation does not exceed $150,000. Maine and Maseachusotts havo already rooeived their monoy. '


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