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- Pleuro-pneumonia has broken out in the Chicago stook yards. -Heno, Nevada, suffered a $1,000 000 fire and loss of five lives on Saturday. - It seems probable Archbishop Puroell of Cincinnati will be ccmpelled to tnake an assignment. -Machinery hall at Philadelphia, which sold for the pitiful 8um of $21,000. cost originally about $635,000. - A bilí is before tho N. Y. Assmnbly oonferring on women theright, in town?, to vote for Commissioners of Excise. -Mrs. John Jacob Astor has in tho Diist lOyonrs ,„ j of livelihood for 450 homeless children, at a cost of jjiGT.OOO. ■-Next year's census will give Illinois the pro-eminence in point of iiutnbera among western states, a position hitherto held by Ohio. -The subsoriptions to the four per cent. bonds during the month of January were $108,904,100; Februaiy, $90,101,729; total this year, $249,005,850. Six' per cent. 5-20 bonds oalled during the same period, 1200,000,000. The reduction of fcho public debt for February will be about $3,000,000. A:nong the rnany indicators of reviving activity in business is the riso in the prioe of iron. Daring the past two months iron has gone up $1.50 per ton -50 cents of this being within the past ten days. The domand is now fivo times as great as the supply. Most of the Pennsylvania iron milis have their production sold for mauy months ahoad. Altogethor tho outlook for the iron trade is quoted as most promising.


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