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The Eepubnoan papera assutne that tor the sake of seourlog tbree office of minor importanoo the Demócrata have Burrendered their principies into the hands of the Greenbackers. This is for effect BOlely. Tho real animus of the snxiety manifested by the Demócrata at Umswg for a joining of forces, is the lont? pent-up restivonuss of the party under the rasping rule and tongne of Kepublioanism and the re appearanco at the iront of Chandlerism in its worst torm. Since tho disgraceful salo of the henatorship, the demand for the coalition which shall change the political complexión of Michigan, has grown from a nvulet to a torrent which swept everythmg before it in convention. The EepoblioM party are pursuing the same L0 ''Y1 in the Greeleyca,„paiSn ■" wm enueavor by ïnsinuation and aggravating taunts to secure Democratie votes for their ticket and preserve tbeir old majorities and prestige, but the eame reasons which impelled the olflor members of the Democratie party o withhold their votes f rom Greeley in 18,2 may ana Undoubtedly will cause Onandlensm in the coming election. It is tho first opportunity they will have to expresa themnelves sinco the enthusiastio action of the Eopublican logislalature in honoring one of the most gigantic frauds, as f.-ir as political honesty magnaniinity and truo statesmanship are concerned, that ever sat in the National Senate chainber.


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