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The democratie party of Michigan adopt the folio wingdeclaration of principies : 1. Wodeprecatethotendenoyofournational affairs toward centralizaron of power and its corrupt use. 2. Wo believe in the strict equality ot all the states and all classes and citízens before the law, and that our government should be in truth and in fact a government of thepeople, by the people, and for the people, 3. We are opposed to all further aliowance of war claims. 4. We demandthat all money, whe'her papor or metallic, shall be issued by I thegovernmenfc, and made full legal tender for all debts, public and private, exceptastosuch contractsheretoforo made as were originally payable ín coin. 5. We are opposed to all bankanfisono and demand that greenbacks be substituted in place of national bank bilis and that the coinago of gold and silver be placed in all respecta upen tho same rooting. 6. Wo belinve that money should be issued in sufficient volume to meet the requirements of business, and that tho government should regúlate the volume of money, by preserving a uniform ratio between the supply and demand, and that this delicate and important power should never be delegated to banks, I porations, or individuals. 7. We are opposed to all monopolies, and demand that tho public dotnain bo reperved to tho tillers of the hoü andnot squandered upon railroad and üther corpora tions. - Soarlot fever in Onkvillf.. - They are making sugar iullülsdale county. - Circuit court opened ia Hillsdale Tuesday. - ïho late Gon. 'Williaui's ostate foots up less tban 4000. - W. L. Soaton has boen ro-appointed postma8ter of Jackson. -Frank Boardsloy of Monroo, gocs to Ionia two yoars, for laroenv. - Battle Creek is knocking atthelegislative door for an amonded charter. - A voin of coal 38 inches tliick, and only 60 feet below the ground has boen discovered at Owosso. - A Grand Rápida man whoso name is not given paid $20 to a Romeo justico for a paroxysmal kisa bestowod ou a hired girl at tho hotol.


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