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- Manchester village election March 10. . - Chauiicey IIowoll of Doitcr, leaves for Eolia, lio. , his future horne, this week. - Seven single men Icft the town of Bridgewater lust week to settlü iu i kansas. - Chelsea's brass band organized. one year, aro out of debt and owu $300 worth of instrumenta: - Mr. Kilian rosiding just outside the city limita of Tpsilanti, lost tvvo children by scarlet fevef. - Dexter has sefliired as principal of her unión Bchool, Mr. 0. D. HUÍ, a senior of the University. - Citizcns of Manchester thinking of going West: G. W. Hoy and family and E. G. Carr, son of W. 8. Carr. - Ij. D. Allcy of Dexter began business Feb. 19 on cash basis; Jas. McGuinI ness of the samo village will do likewise after the löth of this month. - Justice Skinuer of Ypsilanti finod a lad of that city named Charles Crurab, $3 and costa for stealing a revolver from Eliza Schetterly of Ann Arbor. - Oa Saturday evening, Fob. 21, tho Nelson Howell homestead in Dexter township occupied by John Schaufele, burned. Loss estimated f1200. - Tho rosidence of Miss Helen Clark, in Dexter Village, waspartially destroyed by fire Monday afternoon, about 4 o'clock. Loss, about $000 ; inenred. - Dexter charter elcction on Monday resulted a8 follows : President - A. D. Crane. Recorder - James Kearns. Treas1 urer- G. Wall. Trustees- G. C. Page, J. A. Hoyt, D. Litchfleld. - C. W. Hart, dealer in trees frora Kalamazoo nureeries, and somowhat known in the western section of the county, died at Tecuraseh on "VVednesduy of last weeic. - Robert Weimor a fivo yoar oíd son of Michael Weimer of Scio, died "Wednesdayforenoon. Mr. W. lostthreochildren last week agod 9, 11, and 18, with the same diseaso, scarlot fever. - Jumes Busb residing one mile west of Saline village, on the Clinton road, will sell at public vcndue, on Thursday Maroh 13, commoncing at 1 r..M. alargo assortraont of personal property. -The body of tha npgro Hintor of Ypsilanti, killed one day last week by a falling liinb, has been placed in a vault in this city, his friends tearing it may go upon a dissecting table, ïf buried. - GeorgeBurkhardt, residing two miles cast of this city on Richard Glazier's farm announces an tvuction sale of farm property on Thursday next, at 10 a m. Mr. B. contemplates makiug his future home in Arkansas. - Christina A. Rosier, admiuistratrix, wül offer at public auction, at Dexter, on Tuasday next, at 10 A. M , 73 1-2 acres of land, bolonging to th.3 estato of the late Horace Rosier, and situute noar the village of Dexter. -Miss Minnie Ortbring, bolieving sho has sufferod in loss ofcharactor frotn the unbridled tongno of Jacob Ilastlcbiverdt, hasbroughtanactionagainst liim. The parties reside in Sharon. What amount the plaintiff demands we do not learn. - On "Wednesday evening, Fob. 19, a farm dwelling at Sylvan Center belonging to Manly Burehard of Chelsca, was consumad by firo. It was oocupied by Abner Spencer, who savedthe contenta. Property valuod at $1,500. Insured for 1,000. - Three tramps appliod at the county house for Iodginga on Wednesday night of last week. About tea time they bocame ongaged in an altercation with the son of the overseer, who was considorably bruised about the head and face before help cme to his relief. - Mts. Elizabeth J. Obert, a widow residing near Salem Station, on Sriturday commencedsuit against LukeDake, a wealthy "VVashtonaw farmer, for breaoh ofpromiue. She lay her daraagoa at he moderate sum of $5,000. Mr. Dake not long since inarried anothor lady. - An elderly widow lady, Mrs. Pow11, widow of Rev. Robert Towell, died on Saturday at the residence of her son, Hornee A. Fiskof Bridge water. Herhus band was widely known as pastor of the I Baptist denominationhehaving preach2d at various looalities in the state.- Mrs. P's age was 83, and died frora a stroke ofparalysis received a few days before hor death. -In ronewing Mg subscription to this paper, Mr, Abraham Moe of Adri an, adds to his letter the following : " Having beon a resident of the township of Ann Arbor over 50 years and had the Akqtjs in my houso over since its publioation I should be lost without it; so ploaso give me credit for another year and send it along. I am now in rjy 7Gth year and can't expect to read many years more." - Ypsilanti wants a 110,000 Opera House, stock for which is to be issuedin ■$25 shares. Tbo plandiseussed at a late meoting was an auditorium 60x50 feot, arranged to seat eight hundred people. The parquet is small as compared with tho parquet cirele, but this faot usures the dosirabihty of every seat on the iloor. The gallery will be arranged to seat about threohundred. The stage will be 3Ofeet deep and will havo an opening of 25 fect, or half the width of the houso. - Deputy Sheriff Gilmore of Ypsilanti says, in referenco to tho complaints on the tramp quostion, that but three city prisonershave beenfedby himor oharged to that city for a long time. The tratups are, he saya, sent to tho look-up by tho resident Gounty Superintendant, and thoir keeping is paid for by tho County Iïoard. He receivesflfty cents, iustead of sevonty-five, fortheir keeping, and for that furnishes all tho wood, and more victualsthanmen would comraonly need. - Whoat thieves havo ations in the town of Ypsilanti. Four bags of whoat taken froin tho barn of Daniel Piorce, wero found ready for reDOTtl by persons residing with Mr. P. and who rcturned lato one ovoning last week. The frosh snow gave ovidence of the nature of tho eonveyanco used by the thieves, whoundoubtodly were scared away by the returning party. Following up the trail a horso was found hitched at tho Tuttlo school houso, not a great distanco from tho placo. Mr. P. has noticed his graia loworinr in tho bius lately, and now oiily awuits an owncr for tho boiscandbagsboforecoiumouciug to investígate tho rcasoa. - Mrs. Juo. G. Eaglish of Manchester township, died on Thursday of last week, and was buried on Satürdaj-, -Trial for el-tndér brought by G. L. Unterkirclioragainst M. Doaly of Manchester, stands adjourned to Match 13. -The meeting in tho interest of D. H. and S. W. Ry.( to havo been held in Manchester Feb. 12,was again adjourned j to to-day.


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